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Originally The Oily Esthetician started out as a Facebook group after a beauty class I did went viral. I had all sorts of questions about skin, make-up, and DIYs. This made me realize the growing need for education concerning skin, products, and the like. So, I thought why not find a platform to teach everyone?  So many women are confused because there are like a gazillion beauty products out there, it’s gets overwhelming fast. To help everyone along in their beauty journey I thought we would take it one step further and create a website full of recipes, inspiration, and videos you can share. I believe there is a great need for someone to teach holistic beauty especially in the skin care industry here in the U.S. where so many of our products are not only ineffective but also filled with harmful chemicals. It should not be a luxury to keep yourself glowing from the inside out without sacrificing your health.

Whether you’re on my awesome team, a cross-link friend through Young Living, or a beauty professional wanting to learn more on how to incorporate essential oils and holistic routines into your business, I am here for you. Connect with me if you want to learn more on how to get started! I am excited for you and your journey and blessed to able to help you along the way. 


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Young Living's Savvy Minerals Line

Young Living's Savvy Minerals Line




My Vision

The Oily Esthetician looks to guide women to a holistic method of self and beauty care that is both inspired, informed, and implemented with ease in one’s daily routine. To make available the knowledge of both what is beneficial and what is harmful, revolutionizing the way women approach and prioritize themselves and their skin health.





My Mission

It is the Oily Esthetician’s mission to use and share decades of experience and a carefully honed understanding of skin and beauty health to educate women on the importance of holistic beauty. Through community, education, and quality products, make available the resources women have to empower themselves and express their inner and outer beauty. 


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