What I’ve Been Up To…

Life has been crazy, chaotic, and super busy as of late. Not only did we decide at the end of the year to sell our house of 16 years, but I had an amazing opportunity to open a second location for esthetics. I guess God had a plan and I needed to get on board. I’m happy to say we sold our house (within 24 hours) and after a few bumps in the road, found a house in which we love and in an amazing neighborhood near dear friends.  The renovations I could do without, though. My OCD is in full swing and patience hasn’t always been my strong suit. Life has thrown me quite a few curve-balls during the past six months but, I’m learning more and more about myself each day. 


First lesson: Though I already knew it (I needed a reminder as we so often do), I am lucky to have an amazing husband. He’s worked so hard not only to give me my dream home, but to take pressure off and help me navigate this whirlwind. Secret... I don’t deal well with things not being in their place or having my house in constant upheaval. Lots of emotional oils have been utilized in the past month lol.  


On the upside, things are definitely on their way. New floors are in. Kitchen cabinets are to be painted next week along with my walls. Goodbye beige! The walls for the barn doors in my spa went up yesterday! I’m so excited about my new spa space at home! Facials, raindrops, and soon Reiki in my oil filled crystal space! I may never leave. Follow me on Instagram for some updates and pretty amazing transformations. I’m going for modern farmhouse.



As well, my new space in Westmont is now open! We are making improvements each day, but I’m excited for this opportunity. Checkout my website spa menu for services, locations and hours and make sure you get in on my Mother’s Day Special! You are going to want to get one of my advanced, customized Eminence organic facials. Coming up next month we will have Pasquina doing manicures and pedicures. She also uses all Eminence Organic products. She’s extremely talented and has been in the business for over a decade.  

I also get to work with some brilliant women that do hair. Cory Swanson has been cutting my locks the last 15 years. She specializes in haircuts, styling, and can do a pretty mean updo. She’s trained in keratin treatments and bumble and bumble. Exclusive with R&Co products, they incorporate the same philosophies as I do. R&Co is paraben free, sulfate free, petroleum free, mineral oil, cruelty and gluten free. It’s also vegan and UV protected. 


Rachel DeNazarie has been doing hair right along side Cory for just as long. She also specializes in haircuts, styling and updos. Seriously I see their work and it’s pretty fabulous.  


Jessie Smith is the unbelievably gifted colorist at Salon 4. With years and years of experience behind her, the transformations are incredible. Certified in Kemon hair color, Jessie is a salon color educator that specializes in all types of hair coloring from all over colors to Balayage. 


Come see me for a treatment and then finish off your pampering with anyone of these talented ladies!

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Kimberly Esposito
Why You Need to Schedule a Facial Today

Why Do You Need a Facial?

I get asked this question often. Although, I admittedly find it rather funny because if you’ve had a really good, true blue facial you wouldn’t have to ask that question. In case you haven’t or have just forgotten, listed below is some of the amazing bonuses of getting a fantastic facial.

#1 Radical selfcare. We as women don’t invest our time, effort, and resources in selfcare. We are always taking care of someone else first, especially you Moms. It’s so important to invest a little back into ourselves, and a really good facial is so much more than the products the esthetician uses to make our skin happy. I incorporate essential oils throughout my facial for a little soul therapy as well. After I have talked to my clients about what’s going on with their lives I choose what oils they need. Whether it’s for immune support or emotional support. The whole process of a facial is very relaxing. Admittedly, I often will choose a good facial over a massage. I truly believe that when our skin feels and looks better, we as women feel better too, from the inside out. Our face is super important to us, it conveys how we are feeling to the world. It is the first thing people notice about us and it is what they look to to understand how we are feeling. So why would you not invest in it?

#2 Tips, tricks, and recommendations. These are all things every good esthetician should offer you during your session. We never want you to leave our room and not take anything of value away. It’s important to us that we share nuggets of knowledge about products and tips about how to improve your skin so your excited about the progress your treatment that day has started. My biggest compliment from a client is how great their skin looks and how adding a suggested product to their routine made a huge difference between services.

#3 Professional opinions should and do matter. Ok I am going to get on my soap box here. An Esthetician has a license in skin care. A license to evaluate your skin, recommend products, and give you a service involving touching your skin. Why do we as women not want to take their advice, but we will go to a cosmetic counter and listen to the 19-year-old working at Nordstrom on Christmas breaks. Sorry Madison, but leave it to the seasoned pros. It’s madding to me. If you trust your esthetician to give you a service, then trust her to recommend products to you. She knows what they do, how they work, and she is evaluating your skin under a light without makeup. Therefore, she will see all the things… yes, all the things you are most insecure about and recommend what’s going to work for your skin.

#4 Professional products make a difference. When you see your esthetician for a facial, she is able to use stronger products than you use at home. The peels and mask we use are a little more intense than the charcoal mask you made at home. I only use organic skincare, but you would be amazed at how effective my professional product is. The best part is, we are trained and educated on how to safely and efficiently use stronger products.

#5 Exfoliation and extractions. These are important steps to every facial I give. A good exfoliation with enzymes is key to a good facial. Also cleaning out the skin is not the most relaxing part of a facial, but so necessary.

#6 Answers to all your questions. I’ve made it my mission to help women of all ages be informed about their skin. I saw such a huge need for this after I did a beauty school that went viral. Women have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Having a trusted esthetician to help with these questions can really improve your skin. Plus, our skin varies over time with our diets, stress, environment, age, and health. Having an interpreter to whatever unholy thing your skin is doing this week is priceless.

#7 Improved blood flow and hydration levels. Getting a great facial involves more than products thrown on your skin. I love incorporating a pretty stellar and relaxing massage on the face, neck and chest. It helps with blood flow and gives your skin a gorgeous, natural glow. A facial also helps to balance your skins pH levels. Estheticians normally have all kinds of enzyme peels and masks in their arsenal that they use in your service to balance your skin. This is exactly why you will feel much more even, toned and relaxed after.

Having a facial in the right time frame is key. Women have all kinds of issues that effect their skin every month. You will see a HUGE difference in your skin if you follow to the 4-6-week plan. I always tell my clients I will of course always be able to make your skin look great no matter when you have your treatments, but if you want to improve anything in your skin long term, I need to see you more often. It’s like fighting an uphill battle when you go more that 6 weeks between facials. Consistency is key.

I hope you all will find the magic unicorn esthetician that you connect with and trust. Some of my best friends are my long-term clients. I love seeing their faces each month as we catch up. When you do find her, trust she knows what she’s doing and take time and invest in yourself…. you deserve it.

Stay Beautiful Inside Out,

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito
Sugar & Your Skin


Ok Ladies, you may hate me or love me after this blog, especially with it being so close to Halloween. Who here has convinced themselves to buy bags of Halloween candy early because how horrible would it be if you were the Mom passing out those black and orange peanut butter taffy things that have probably been in a bag since 1976? Yeah?? This girl too. Now how many have broken down, ripped open that bag and only left Almond Joy’s? Yep… this girl too. Writing this blog was a helpful reminder that sugar does more to your body than just make your favorite jeans feel a little tight.


So, let’s get down to it. When you ingest sugar or foods with a high glycemic index it probably is affecting not only your waistline but most likely your skin too. It affects the way it looks, feels, you’re your skins hydration levels. Weather its fruit, salad dressing, or a snickers bar (my favorite) your body converts sugar to carbs and raises your insulin levels. Refined sugars like bread, soda, fried foods, and sugar cause instant inflammation in your body. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collage and elastin resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen is something we as women need to cling onto like the last coffee pod in your house ladies. Collagen is the springy substances that makes your face look plump, youthful, and lifted. Just look at a toddler’s skin, notice how perfect and plump it is? Lots of collagen at work. I think those Sanderson Sister’s were on to something in Hocus Pocus. A woman’s collagen production dramatically drops off in your 30’s and sugar just accelerates the process.

So how does collagen die off after you pop that Krispy Kreme donut Sunday morning? Digested sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in your skin called glycation. Glycationcan also contribute to rosacea and acne. Sugar also will weaken the immune system. When your immune system is compromised it has a harder time fighting off bacteria which leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

As well, sugar can create more testosterone in your body which contributes to larger pores and oily skin. I see this quite often in my practice. Sugar will dehydrate the skin and your sebaceous glands will go into overdrive to help deliver moisture to the skin. It creates havoc and your skin ends up completely out of balance.  

So now that you are properly horrified, here are some tips to keep in mind while staving off that sugar craving in the quest for healthier skin. First, awareness. You would be amazed how much sugar is in the foods and drinks we consume each day. When I began considering the Whole 30 diet it was super eye opening as I realized what a sugar addict I really was. It’s literally in everything from your coffee creamer to ketchup and favorite organic dressings.

#1  I always advise my clients to give up the straight up sugar first. Remember you will feel detoxing going on so drink up that water.  Stay away from foods with a high glycemic index or saturated fats. Foods like white bread, pasta, candy, fried food, and ice cream. Chocolate and wine aren’t great either no matter how hard algebra homework was with your tween. I know I’ve ruined your life, sorry.

 #2 Believe me, a sweet tooth after dinner is my deep dirty secret. I crave it. I recently started doing my Ningxia when I’m ready to devour that last piece of chocolate. It helps me feel better, plus my body is literally flying high after 2 ounces of super antioxidants. Want to learn more about Ningxia and what amazing things it does for your whole system? Check this out…

 #3 Get some sleep (read my beauty sleep blog here) you literally will crave sugar when you aren’t sleeping properly. It’s a vicious cycle girls. #selfcarematters

 #4 Skip those inner aisles at the grocery store. Just don’t buy it… for anyone in your house. Tell your husband he has to figure out his own life and eat it in secret like any other mother of a 3-year-old if he wants to have it. #figureitout

 #5 Try fruit like berries that have lower levels of carbs to satisfy your cravings. Bonus all those extra antioxidants will kill those free radicals.

 #6 Add some vitality essential oils to your water to cut cravings. Load up on the water too ladies. Most of the time we are dehydrated not hungry. Drink a glass of water before you make any sugary, rash decisions.

 #7 Skip the Starbucks line. Now you really hate me. Unless you like the boring drinks like I do, pumpkin lattes will be the death of your skin long term. Most of those drinks are completely loaded with sugar. I know I hate reality too. It’s probably the biggest suck on this list. #ILOVECOFFEE

 By drastically cutting your sugar intake you will start to see results as quick as 72-96 hours…it’s crazy. I saw a huge change in my skin when I was in Ecuador for ten days with Young Living. My husband actually said I was glowing when I came home. Bonus! I’m going to link an article with some before and after pictures of a girl that was struggling with her skin. She gave up sugar for a week and her results are pretty amazing.

 I know I am opening myself up to lots of hate mail, I get it. The truth sucks sometimes and my moto is everything in moderation. I’m learning along with you and I hate to see women struggle with their skin when a few tweaks they may not know can help. No judgement here, this girl loves her chocolate.

 Challenge… Give up sugar for one week and then head over to my Facebook or Instagram and tell me or even show me the biggest difference in your skin.


I promise you will see one. Have an awesome week and be that mom that hands out toothpaste or pennies at Halloween if it helps you control your sugar intake.


Stay Beautiful,

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito
Sip Your Way to Glowing Skin


Skin & Smoothies

I’m pretty pumped to be sharing some of my all-time favorite smoothies with you today. I’ve been trying these out during the busy summer month and I don’t know about you, but this summer was a blur. I barely had time to do what needed to be done and there was no time left for much pampering. Adding smoothies to my routine helped keep my skin, gut, and energy where it needed to be. I drink 24oz of juice each morning followed by tons of water. It’s a great way to start your day and keep you from grabbing carbs or something lacking nutrition too.

Remember how I told you your skin is your largest organ? I know I sound like a nagging mom, but you NEED to remember this. We can’t always control what slips through the skin barrier (think atmosphere) but, we can make sure we nourish it properly. Blending your way to glowing skin is a great, convenient way to achieve a more hydrated, plump, and clear complexion. Let’s talk about some great ingredients to add to your drinks.








Collagen- Collagen is the glue that keeps your skin tight and youthful. Do you ever look at your precious baby and think “my gosh I would die for that skin”? That’s because their little bodies produce tons of collagen each day to give them flawless skin. Collagen production slows way up in our 40’s (boo) and after menopause it’s as elusive as your kids on cleaning day. Amen for collagen boosting foods like kale, avocado 🥑, fruits 🍎 nuts 🥜 and spinach. Now you can even add a collagen supplement to your coffee, tea, or foods.




Omega 3’s- Many skin issues show up when we don’t pack in the omega 3’s. Issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. Omega 3’s help clear up inflammation which may be a big contributor to acne and psoriasis. I will tell you I get tons of inquiries about psoriasis and eczema (see my previous blog on eczema). Psoriasis is a skin disorder where the immune system produces skin cells too quickly. Your skin is designed to regenerate every 21-28 days, but if you have psoriasis it only takes 2-6 days, causing inflammation and rash. Loading up on anti-inflammatory foods like omega 3’s, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, nuts, oils, and avocados will help. Also, a great clean supplement like YL omega’s is a great way to get it in your daily routine.

One of my favorite smoothies is my green drink. I’m pretty horrible at eating all my greens in a day, but this provides a great way to get me to my goal. It also helps you gain a glowing complexion and achieve great gut health.







1 cup of coconut water 💧
4- Kale leaves
1-2 hands full of spinach
2 green apples 🍏
2 English cucumbers 🥒
2 celery stalks
1 inch of ginger
4 kiwis 🥝
1 juiced Lemon 🍋
Blend and go!!
This is packed with tons of antioxidants and all kinds of cell rejuvenator copper.

Why This Smoothie?

Kiwi- 🥝 Kiwi is one of my all-time favorite fruits. Just one a day gives you a 100% of your daily vitamin C, which is key for producing collagen and keeping your skin firm. Kiwi is also packed with vitamin E which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles HELLO!! Can I bathe in Kiwi??

Kale- Kale is high in cooper and mineral that increases melanin, a pigment that helps protect you from the sun.

Brighten up buttercup is so delicious and packed full of vitamins and protein for your skin.





~1 and 1/2 cups of unsweetened almond or cashew milk.

~1 and 1/2 cup of raw spinach
~1 banana
~1/2 cup of grapes
~ tablespoons of almond butter
~1 tablespoon of flaxseed

Why This Smoothie?

Pigmentation... ugh this has plagued me since my 2nd pregnancy. I work hard to keep it at bay with products and keeping my face out of the sun. I like to pretend I’m a famous movie star hiding under my big sunglasses and floppy hat, but in reality, I’m trying to keep my skin from pigmentation spots and wrinkles. It’s rough. Since then I’ve found out that grapes were high in vitamins A, B6 and C plus have folate and iron. Bonus to help with my spots.

Brighten up also has flaxseed in it. Can I tell you how much I love flaxseed? It’s virtually tasteless so you can hide it in all kinds of smoothies from your little dragons. They are rich in fiber and loaded with omega 3’s. Remember they keep our skin plump, but also detoxify the body and promote healthy skin and nails. They help keep you fuller longer and can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Yay! Dump an extra serving in my glass please.



This smoothie is crazy good for you. It’s has great skin support vitamins like A, B, C, and K. It also includes minerals like iron and potassium.

~1 cup of coconut water
~1 cup of spinach
~5 large romaine leaves
~juice of one lemon 🍋
~1 cup of pineapple 🍍
~4 sprigs of parsley
~2 tablespoons of flax seed

Why This Smoothie?

Parsley is the key ingredient in this one. It helps reduce under eye bags and darkness SAY WHAT?!  Yep!! It also speeds up the healing process of wounds and combats wrinkles.

Feel free to experiment and make these your own. Maybe you love a little extra protein or collagen boost. If you like yours a little sweeter add some honey or another piece of fruit. The options are endless and you can totally customize to suit any issues or needs.

Here are few little tips I like to use when I’m on my smoothie kick.

#1 Make life easy on yourself. I’m in love with order online and pick up your groceries. Can I get an amen gals?!? No waiting in line and getting distracted as you shop. Just click, pay and pull up! Thank you, Mariano’s and Walmart, you have a girls back. This also makes it super easy to make sure you have everything you need!

#2 Precut and freeze for the week. I love this when I do it. No excuses for not eating healthy or having veggies and fruit go bad. It’s all washed, cut and in a plastic bag to blend.

#3 Don’t guzzle it down. Take your time so your body can absorb all those nutrients, not dump them all at one time.

#4 Drink lots of water. Remember you are consuming much more fiber this way so you will need the extra water, which only helps your skin all the more!

Do a gal a favor and comment which smoothie you can’t wait to try or one you already love @theoilyesthetician BONUS if you show me a picture! Here’s to great glowing skin ladies!!!

Kimberly Esposito
Happy Gut, Happy Skin

I’ll tell you a secret… so many issues in our bodies and especially with our skin are caused from a damaged gut. So often we treat the symptom and not the root cause of things, our gut. Eczema, acne, redness and more are just some of the symptoms of a unhealthy gut. The gut has an entire ecosystem of bacteria and yeast, some beneficial to us and others toxic. Like all ecosystems the delicate balance of the digestive tract can be altered by antibiotics, toxins, grains, alcohol and dairy. About 70- 80% of our entire immunity is in our gut. Your skin, hair and nails say a lot about your health. Your gut even has its own nervous system, I like to call this our 2nd brain. Ever hear the term go with your gut? Even your emotions effect your gut health. Your gut brain will mirror your emotions, anxiety, stress and depression can alter your gut flora.


Gut Flora- is the complex community of microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts. Lack of helpful bacteria can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria. When this happens the gut walls start to become damaged, hence leaky gut syndrome. This is when we start to see many common skin issues.  Making improvements to the digestive system, has been scientifically shown to improve skin health, immune function, moods, and energy. When your body lacks nutrients, it begins to prioritize which organs will get what. Often our skin is the first place we see changes. We want to absorb as many good nutrients through food and vitamins as possible… think digestive enzymes for a little support, and Young Living has some amazing ones I take with every meal! Okay, so how can we support our digestive system? I will give you the same protocol I give my clients struggling with skin issues. These are my top tips for your digestive health to help you achieve glowing skin.


#1 Eat clean. Easier said than done right? Weeding out gluten, dairy, alcohol, food additives, and pesticides is a great start. These nasty guys damage the gut wall. Also, remember digestion starts in the mouth, so chew well and slowly… digestive enzymes rock. Uping your fiber can help too. Soluble fiber like oats, chia seeds, fruits, and veggies are so important for the skin. They help eliminate excess levels of hormones that can contribute melasma and breakouts.  This is another reason I love my Ningxia. I take 4oz a day and when I slack, I absolutely see a difference in my pigmentation.


#2 Drink lots of water. Water with lemons and water with Lemon Vitality. Flushing out toxins help regulate your gut flora. Does anyone know how much water you should drink a day? Yes, ½ your body weight. Skipping other drinks will help you get all your water intake in for the day.


 #3 Feed your skin with nutrient rich skincare.  Having a holistic beauty routine is key in having great skin. A good regimen is vital for clear glowing skin. Cleansing 2x a day followed by toner and moisturizer that fits your skin type is key. Adding extras like serum, wolfberry eye cream, hydrating mask and exfoliating help your skin be its best. I’m also a HUGE fan of serum. It’s crucial to understand what order and how often to use each step. Once you do you will love the way your skin looks.



#4 Stock up on your probiotics. Probiotics are key for so many reasons but are essential for glowing skin. Probiotics make the gut flora flourish and starve out the skin issues. They are a powerhouse, they...


-help regulate glycemic levels when out of whack contribute to breakouts.

- are a mood stabilizer

-prevent and repair a leaky gut

-increase water absorption

-aid in fortifying your immune system against both gut harming and skin harming pathogens.

- help us to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

I always recommend Life 9 by Young Living for my clients as part of their skin regimen and often if a client is dealing with common skin issues, I suggest two at night before bed. Young Living has an amazing line of supplements. Many of them infused with essential oils, which increases the bioavailibilty rate to 86% within an hour. Oils really do make everything better.






#5 Don’t underestimate Sulferzyme. Sulferzyme is key for complete all over body wellness. It does things like…

-help maintain proper intestinal function (so you can see how this helps to support the skin)

-support a healthy immune system

-support liver function, which helps support glowing skin.

-protect cells and cell membranes.

-scavenges free radicals

Sulferzyme has a unique combination of MSM and Ningxia Wolfberry which makes this a great combo. MSM is an organic form of naturally occurring sulfur. We don’t get enough sulfur in our diets anymore because of our depleting soil, which can lead to unhealthy skin, hair and many other issues. Our immune system cannot digest heavy metals like other toxins, so not getting enough nutritional sulfur can lead to heavy metal toxicity and weakened immune systems. Ningxia contains coenzymes and minerals that support sulfur metabolism. These are a pretty amazing supplements to add to your regimen. These were a wow factor for me when I started taking them. I urge you all to give these a try for a month and see how you feel and how your skin can change when you support your insides.

One of the many wonderful things about Young Living, is that we don’t need to sacrifice our health for beauty. We have the knowledge and power to choose something different. Young Living offers many ways for us to improve our all over wellness. So, if you haven’t added any of their supplements to your Essential Reward orders, I hope you will after today. Start weeding out the yuck and replacing a few products at a time. Your gut (and skin) will thank you.

Kimberly Esposito
Why Chemical Free?

Why you should choose chemical free skincare and makeup?

I get asked this question a lot. What most tend to forget is that our skin is our largest organ. It matters just as much what you apply ON your skin as much as what you put IN your body. Your skin absorbs it all and it’s filtered through your liver. It takes about 26 seconds for chemicals in your products to reach your blood stream. Many of us are using products filled with harmful chemicals and are experiencing side effects we might not even be aware of. So, let’s school you on why the “Why” is so important.


First let’s talk about regulation of the beauty industry in the United States. We as a country have not updated regulations for this 62-billion-dollar industry since 1938. We are finally gaining headway on Capitol Hill with the personal care products regulation act, but it may not be soon enough. Many of us are tricked into buying into hot words like “all natural”, “botanical” or “pure” but it may not be true. The law does not require cosmetic products to list ingredients, other than color additives before its stamped with the FDA approval for the market. Crazy, right???!!! That’s why we as women who make up the majority of this rising industry need to do our homework and be the advocate for us and our families.

Let’s chat chemicals, specifically harmful chemicals. It’s a fact that as a woman you could and most likely are putting over 200 plus chemicals a day on your body. Let me tell you about the top offenders.

Lead- Found in most lipsticks, toothpaste and makeup, it can cause neurotoxcity, seizures, and kidney dysfunction as well as reproductive problems. Goodbye Red Lipstick, you are no longer my friend.

Talc- I am sure you have heard of this one. It’s the leading ingredient in baby powder but found in most makeup. Johnson and Johnson settled a lawsuit concerning baby powder and its devastation it can cause. Talc has an eerie similarity with asbestos, which has the potential to be a carcinogenic. It can cause skin irritation and organ system toxicity.

Parabens- This is a big one folks, and it’s found in almost every beauty product on the market, and every product that contains water.  Even though it was banned over a decade ago in Europe, we still allow it here in the states.  They disrupt hormones and can potentially cause cancer.

Formaldehyde- found in baby shampoo, nail polish, and liquid soap. This chemical can be inhaled as well as absorbed through the skin. Prolonged exposure to this can cause cancer.

Fragrance- Which is found in most everything, trust me … look. Sounds harmless, right? Not likely, unless pure essential oils are used to fragrant a product. Hundreds of chemicals could be hidden under the term “fragrance”. Companies aren’t required to list the ingredients that make up fragrance.


Phthalates- found in many detergents, air fresheners and body sprays. These all disrupt hormones and can cause liver injury.


Bismuth- found on most makeup, it’s used as a filler that can cause skin irritation.

Let’s also remember nutrients. Choosing cleaner products will give you a higher absorption rate of good nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Add essential oils and talk about frequency! Hello.  For more information visit www.safecosmetics.com

I also like to mention our beloved planet when I talk clean products. Harmful chemicals not only wreak havoc on our bodies and skin, but our planet. Just think of how many times you used a chemical filled beauty product and washed it right down the sink or shower. Ingredients like Palm Oil (added into many beauty products) and the ethics behind how it’s made are truly sad. Check out more on this at onegreenplanet.org


So, is choosing chemical free beauty products worth the money? With the given information, I would say yes. In many cases they are no more expensive than something you would pick up from you drug store. I always tell my clients; the more pure and concentrated product will go much further than a product that has been watered down with nasty harmful chemicals. You will also see lasting results and quicker. Think of chemicals as junk food, would you want to keep applying junk food to your skin? No, so why not invest in you?

This is a subject I am wildly passionate about and have spent many hours researching. This is WHY I choose Young Living products in my practice and in my home. Young Living is more than just essential oils. They offer over 600 products and many of them are for personal care use. I know that using YL products I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and its completely safe for my kids.

Young Living has

-no gluten

-no nano-particles

-no metals

-no synthetic dyes

-no fragrances

-no bismuth

-no parabens

-no phthalates

-no lead

-no formaldehyde



Be proactive and share this blog for a chance to win a Savvy Lipgloss by Young Living.

Here is how you can enter go to Instagram and find @theoilyesthetician give me a follow, a like on today’s post and a comment. Winner wins a lip gloss with essential oil benefits!

If you’re not a Young Living member and want to know how to get started with any of their products, I would love to help!

Contact me at kimberly@theoilyesthetician.com

Young Living has many ways to start including a cute makeup starter kit that gives you 24% off anything Young Living for life. I would love to help you not only change your skin, but your health. Remember we don’t have to sacrifice our health for beauty.

Kimberly Esposito
New Product Lineup!

Happy July Everyone! We are back from Young Living’s 2018 International Grand Convention, rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the summer. What a fun and incredibly inspiring time we had! I just love this business so much, I can’t even call it work! Check out all our shenanigans at www.yourserendipitouslife.com tomorrow (July 3rd) with our upcoming blog all about our experiences, what we’ve learned, and what we are most excited about. We had such an amazing time learning, growing, and connecting with all our crossline friends from Young Living. What a blast!

Just when I thought Young Living couldn’t get any better, they hit it out of the park with the release of their latest products. So, let’s chat and I will let you in on some little secrets about these gems. You will definitely want these in your house! Let’s start with some personal products (my personal favorite’s) all of which have NO sulfates, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or any yuck!

#1 Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

Young Living released their 1st acne approved treatment.


This goes above and beyond any spot acne treatment I’ve seen in my years skin care work. Key ingredients are: Salicylic Acid derived from Wintergreen so it won’t over dry, but help clear acne, blemishes, pimples and blackheads. It carries tea tree and malaleuca which help reduce your healing time. With added aloe to soothe the area. One of my favorite ingredients in this gem is Willow Bark extract, which helps to brighten your skin. You can use this on spots or as part of your daily routine on those hard to manage areas.

#2 Orange Blossom Wash and Moisturizer

Young Living reformulated their #1 cleanser to make it even better. No more wheat for a completely hypoallergenic cleanser designed with sensitive skin in mind. It reduces oily skin and surface oils and contains naturally cleansing essential oils like Copaiba and Orange. Oh, and of course it smells so amazing!!! It’s super easy to use and control your portion with its new pump. It perfectly complements the Orange Blossom Moisturizer. One thing I found Young Living was missing form their skincare line was a moisturizer made for oily type skin. I have to say, I am loving this one. Not only does it smell lovely, it helps control my oily skin while keeping it moisturized. It’s non- greasy and non- irritating. The ingredients they added to this one had me all excited. Licorice root extract is one of my go to’s in my spa. Talk about some bright skin, and Micro algae (GOOD BYE AGING SKIN).


#3 Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil and Luminous Cleansing Oil

Young Living brought two new products to the table with their Mirah line and they are so luxurious.

If you haven’t used a cleansing oil for your face you are missing out. Check out my video in The Oily Esthetician group on this. Oil attracts oil, so your face is left clean and hydrated. With amazing essential oils like bergamot, rosemary, jasmine and roman chamomile, this will become one of your favorites for sure. I have Oily skin and love love this one. However, I only use it once a day, at night actually and do a double cleaning, once with Mirah and once with orange blossom. Your face will love you!


Mirah hair oil has more than one purpose. I love it in my hair damp, as a heat protector, on my fly aways, on the ends of my hair, and its pretty awesome for your cuticles too! It has Argan oil, which is light,  ROSE (uh, yes please), and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Plus lots of fatty acids and vitamin E in this one to make your hair shiny and glossy!

#4 Charcoal Bar Soap

HOLLAR!!!! Ready to unclog your pores? I’m loving this for my teenage clients backs and chest. Where I wouldn’t recommend this for someone with more mature skin, this can be added to your teenager’s face routine. Charcoal powder is the ultimate way to detoxify. Think underarms soap peeps! Everyone needs this one! A little aloe and orange essential oil has it smelling so fresh and clean.


#5 Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

 You asked and Young Living delivered! I’ve been using this and absolutely LOVE it! It spreads super easy and contains some crazy good ingredients like Helichrysum, Lavender, Frankincense, and Carrot Seed essential oils. Can you say HIGH FREQUENCY!!!!

Yay FRANK for the WIN!!!

-Sweat and water resistant for up to 80 min


-Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

-Non-greasy with a matte finish

And my favorite, favorite thing about this sunscreen is that it’s reef safe.

#savetheoceans #saveourreefs #saveoursealife

#6 New Savvy Minerals Makeup Line Additions














Last year Young Living released their Savvy Makeup Line and it was a HUGE deal!

NO parabens

NO phthalates

NO bismuth

NO talc

NO petrochemicals

NO synthetic fragrances or colorants!


-This year they added Mascara (LOVING IT) it has lavender in it and glides on beautifully without smudging.

-2 Primers YAY!!!

-Extra multi-tasker colors for brows

-5 deeper darker shades of lipstick

- A matte veil that will rock out your makeup for an ultimate finish.

- #1 Palette, can I tell you how excited I was about this??? Not only are the 5 colors gorgeous, but they are easy to travel. All in a convenient compact and easy to use. Oh and of course blended with lavender essential oils. And its name gives me hope that they are expanding with even more palettes soon!


#7 Kidscent MightyPro Prebiotic and Probiotic for kids.


Okay, seriously Young Living you are amazing.

My kids are loving these, no whining about swallowing a pill or the bad taste. They taste like candy, so Mom’s beware. Healthy guts are ultra-important and this will help maintain healthy bacteria in the gut, colonize the GI tract and promote digestive health. Make sure to stock up on these Mom’s and be prepared for back to school germs!


# 8 Essential Oil Kunzea and Essential Oil Blends Freedom and Journey On

Young Living always releases a new essential oil at convention this year D. Gary Young formulated 3, which was very special because it was the last blends he made before his passing. Of course, they are always works of art and never disappoint.

Journey On was a commemorative blend you could only get at convention. It is a grounding earthy  blend of over thirty-four essential oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, and even some blends like Dream Cather and Motivation.

Freedom was this year’s mantra at convention and the other convention special blend. It’s also one with some brilliant oils like Lavender, Idaho Blue Spruce, Vetiver, Peppermint, Palo Santo, Valerian, Copaiba and Sacred Frankincense. Designed to apply to temples at night to inspire feelings of freedom from everyday troubles.

Kunzea not only smells incredible but offers a clean woodsy aroma. I am loving this one diffused with citrus and it’s been excellent when added to my skincare routine. If you like any of the Eucalyptus oils, you most likely will enjoy this one.

Young Living continues to do amazing work and research to help bring us top of the line, clean products in a responsible and compassion way. As the leader and pioneer of the industry, they always have me excited for what they will come up with next.

Don’t forget to head over to Instagram to give us a follow and a comment. July is a month of contest and giveaways, so don’t miss out!



Kimberly Esposito
Top Ten Tips for Teen Skin

  Remember the days of random pimples before a big date or some life defining moment that you were sure your skin would act up for. Back in the day a little Noxzema (AHH you can smell it right?) or a little Oxy pad would dry those bad boys right up and leave you with dry peeling skin for weeks. I wish I knew then what I know now. We know so much more than we did 25 years ago. Advances in skin care knowledge just in the last five years have been revolutionary.


So, why not give your teen the edge we all wish we could have had back in the day and avoid all the stress and anxiety so many of us had to deal with when it came to our skin. Here are some tips you can share with your teen about how to treat their skin and achieve the best possible complexion. Now I’ve seen it before, many times. Your teen will not listen to you… I repeat your teen will not listen to you. I guess this is fairly common, I personally don’t have a teen quite yet, but I have a surly 8-year-old girl, so I can just imagine.
  My advice is to have them read this blog themselves. What I am about to share with you comes with over 25 years’ experience, many of them spent specializing in acne prone and teen skin. So, listen up teens as I lay so great advice on you. Ready?



#1 Having a skin routine earlier rather than later can make a difference. It helps you establish good habits early on. Starting with a 3-step process around 10 or 11 is key. Those pre-hormones kick in around this time and your body usually produces more oils that can clog your pores. This goes for boys and girls. It’s absolutely a must to wash your face every morning and night, and don’t forget about after a workout or sports. You don’t want that sweat sitting on your skin longer than it has to. Check out my blog on post workout skin care.
Your three steps process should include a cleanser, toner and cream. Easy as 1,2,3 and this takes no longer than 2 minutes. Make it easy and keep your cleanser in the shower, anything to help you establish a routine.
A cleanser will free your skin from buildup oil, dead skin, and grime collected throughout your day.
A toner helps to PH balance your skin, which is uber important!


A cream EVEN IF YOU’RE OILY! This helps to hydrate your skin, so your body won’t produce mass amounts of oil clogging your skin and which causes breakouts.

#2 Understand your skin type. This is important because not all teens have oily skin. So often I see many are promoting dry or oily skin with the products they are using. Some teens have dry skin, which means they most likely need a heavier cream, even if they have the occasional breakout. If you’re confused a good way to determine your skin type is to see an experienced esthetician. They can look at your skin and see exactly what type and what’s going on.

#3 Use the right products. This in and of itself is a loaded tip. It’s very easily to be confused with all the products and ads constantly thrown at us. My advice is to stick to professional organic brands recommended by a professional. I will tell you this, we here in the states allow many harmful chemicals in our skincare. Many that disrupt hormones and even have been linked to cancer. You have to be educated on the products you choose to feed you largest organ. Just because they are plant based, doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done. I only use Young Living and a couple other organic skincare lines in my practice, and the results are amazing.

#4 What you put in your body is as important as what you put on it. I talk about having a healthy gut which includes a healthy diet. You will find I go on about this quite often. Mainly because it’s the key to good skin and many other issues are linked to a leaky gut. In my practice I see such incredible results when my clients include a clean diet with three of my all-time favorite supplements for the skin. I suggest a probiotic at night, specifically Life 9 by Young Living. It’s high quality and works well. I also love Young Living’s Sulferzyme, many of us are depleted in sulfur, because we no longer get it from our food courteously of the soil it grows in. Sulferzyme does beautiful things for your skin, hair, and nails BONUS. But let’s not forget Ningxia. Let me count the amazing antioxidants in this gem. This helps support the liver, where lots of junk filters. You will be amazed at how your skin will glow after a month on Ningxia.

#5 Wash your makeup off at night. No seriously, never go to bed with makeup on. This makes you prone to clogged pores, by not letting your skin breathe and regenerate at night. It also causes wrinkles, something you may not care about now, but believe me you will! Also, what type of makeup you choose is just as important as what skincare line you use. Young Living has the most beautiful chemical free makeup line that I have ever seen. They have perfected it, from the coverage to all the beautiful colors. Savvy is beauty without compromise.

#6 Don’t be a zit popper! Even your hands carry bacteria that you can transfer to your skin. You also increase your risk of scarring and harming your skin tissue. We all want to go at it, but unless it’s right on the surface don’t touch. When you attack a blemish, that’s not ready, you push the bacteria further into you skin causing more breakouts.

#7 What are you drinking? Lots of teens and adults love those sugary energy drinks, which are a BIG NO NO for your skin. Also, something I have found common in the last couple years is high protein drinks can be linked to breakouts. Your body has a hard time processing that all at once, so if you’re a fan of any of these, lay off and you will see a big difference. Of course, water is my drink of choice. It helps to hydrate the skin and flush out all those toxins that can affect your skin. I recommend 8-10 glasses a day. One of my favorite tricks is to add some vitality oils to flavor my water and make it easier to get down during the day.

#8 Be smart and protect your skin when you’re out in the sun. Long gone are the days of baby oil and sun in. If you don’t know what sun in is, I can’t talk to you. My bestie and I once burned ourselves so bad from applying “Chill Out” spray with no SPF on vacation, we had to cut our shirts off and only go out after dark. I cringe when I think of all the damage I did that day. Pigmentation doesn’t come up right away but lurks in the lower layers of your skin until you’re dealing with other 40-year-old issues. Thanks pigmentation.

#9 Hormones play a big part in your skin. However, eating cleaner, using chemical free products, and taking extra care of your body can help tame those nasty hormones when they flare up. I also use a few pretty important essential oils to support mine.



#10 Sleep isn’t an option, it is necessary. Read my blog on beauty sleep and learn how it effects your whole body, mind and emotions. Teens don’t get enough that’s for sure. Studies show they require more hours than a newborn. But they are up late studying and off to school at the crack of dawn. So, catch up when you can and don’t mess around when you should be getting your zzz’s.


For more information on acne, checkout my videos in my group The Oily Esthetician (LINK)

Kimberly Esposito
"She Walked in Beauty": Remembering My Mom

This blog has little to do with skincare this week. It is about motherhood and in particular, my mom. Well, not quite true. In a way she has everything to do with my passion for skincare. She shaped and influenced everything about me today from the way I make my bed to the way I love my own children. So much so, I still deeply grieve her loss every single day. And for those of you who still have your mother, I encourage you to read on. The idea of losing a parent and the pain that goes with it was completely foreign to me a year ago.  I think back to that time before and those of my dear friends who had already lost a parent, and I just marvel at how unavailable, unaware, and how clueless I was. Not on purpose of course, but at that time I had no idea how they were feeling or what I should say in way of comfort.


My Mom was a lot stronger than I ever gave her credit for. I realize that the older I get, and life gets rough sometimes. Her childhood wasn’t all lollipops and giggles, quite the opposite. My Mom never let me know that until I was older though. Honestly, I don’t understand how she was the Mom she was, coming from the place she had been. From that my mom taught me strength. She taught me you can rise from anything. You choose who you are and what you want your life to become.

My Dad and her married when she was only 16. It was love a 1st sight for him. I can’t blame him; my mom was quite the Betty. I remember looking at her when I was little and knowing I had the most beautiful Mom. He rescued her from where she came from, but she knew she wanted a completely different life than her family. From that she taught me how to love. With your whole heart, fight for it, fix it and love deeper. Love isn’t easy, or everyone would do it.


She had never even had Christmas until the 1st year they dated. Christmas is huge in our family... like crazy awesome, ridiculous over the top every year. I know why now. My Mom was more excited than my sister and I each year. She was childlike in this way. From that my mom taught me to always have fun. Laugh and laugh hard. Humor was a constant staple in our house. Some say I’ve inherited her smart mouth. Apparently, that doesn’t skip a generation ever! Thanks Mom. As the saying goes, “if you can’t laugh you will cry”. This is completely true. Laugh my friends.

My Mom always looked put together. Even when she was so sick, she got up, showered, put on her makeup and jewelry. It wasn’t her trying to impress, it’s what made her feel good about herself. From that my mom taught me pride. To have pride in yourself and family. I guess it’s instilled in me. It’s probably one of the main reasons I went into the profession I did. At her funeral my Dad asked us to say something about my mom. Tell stories, laugh and honor her. I have to say, I was in a panic. I thought, “gee thanks Dad”. The worse day of my life and you want me to publicly speak… awesome. The night before I sat in bed writing down some memories and trying to bring it all together like a last-minute book report. One memory I have so vividly is my mom sitting me on the counter, I was probably only three or four and watching her apply her makeup, flawlessly and showing me how to do it. I was hooked. That was it for me. I knew what I wanted to do.

Some words for those who lost your Mom’s... I get it. I understand now. You feel orphaned in a sense. Lost on how you’re going to mother your own children. The days and months after I lost my Mom, I functioned. I got up, got dressed and mothered, but I realize now I was just going through motions, not dealing with the fact she was gone. You have good days and days where you feel like you can’t breathe. Days where you know no one understands and relates. I found I only wanted to talk to other people who lost a parent. Days where you want or even go to pick up the phone to call her. Days where you’re angry or the guilt is overwhelming. I should have done this, called more, made more time or listened better. Days where you don’t want to parent, when you need advice only a Mother can give you. You have days of complete breakdowns while your kids eat dinner in the next room. Days where you just want to get in a car and just drive. I get it, I’ve done them all. What I can tell you at this point in my grief is that it sucks and sucks even more later. Does it get easier in a way? Maybe, you and reality have a little talk and you come to terms with it, but your heart still hurts.


For those of you that may someday have a bestie going through losing a parent here’s some advice. Just because we don’t bring it up doesn’t mean we are healed. Not talking about it doesn’t make us feel better. My kids do this to protect my feelings. I find them hushing each other when one goes to say something about their Mimi. The side glances and Mom lip faces that say, “shut up stupid you’re going to upset her”. News flash, I’m already upset. I like when someone remembers a memory of my Mom, especially one I don’t remember. So, ask us how we feel and then know we are lying when we say okay. One thing I’ve learned is to just take control and do what I feel the other person dealing with grief might need. One of my besties, Jenny did exactly that. My husband had to travel the week after my Mom passed, which means I had to be alone. She came from work each day and fed us dinner and sat with me until my eyes were sleepy. She knew I was lying when I claimed I was okay, she knew I didn’t want silence.
Learn not to take offense when someone is grieving. I didn’t want to hear anyone’s trivial problems, issues, or stories. Sometimes I would look around the room and silently scream in my head “I don’t care” and “I just lost my Mom, and everyone is just going on about their day like normal”. Check in... just because you think it’s the proper amount of time for someone to move on and be happy... you haven’t lost your mom. Everyone is different, but don’t shy away from asking how they are. Somedays all I want is a hug and for someone to say it’s okay. That someone use to be my Mom. Moms always make everything okay, that’s why you want them when you’re sick. They have the magic touch, words and love. At 41 I still want my Mom when I’m sick, no offense husbands but your crap.
So, love on your Mom if she’s still here this Sunday, it’s not all about you. Pick up the phone and call your friend on Mother's Day if she’s lost her Mom and tell her your proud of her strength and Mom skills. Encourage your husbands to call their Mom’s, write their own cards and tell their Mom just how special she is.

Kimberly Esposito
The Truth About Eczema

This is a dirty word in our house. You can imagine when someone like myself, so passionate on healthy skin had to watch her kiddos and sister suffer with this until we figured out what really was causing it. From the time my kids were babies all I heard was, “use this topical gel” or, “it’s hormones they grow out of it” and sometimes, “it’s the weather”. Wrong. Wrong and WRONG!!
Eczema is the name of a group of conditions that cause the skin to be inflamed, itchy, red, weepy and plain just annoying.

  Eczema is extremely common.  Over 30 million Americans suffer with some form of eczema. In fact, did you know there are 6 types of eczema? Each presenting different ways.
  It’s not contagious, but it can be embarrassing for the sufferer, and you have to be extremely careful not to pick up a staph infection when dealing with the worst types of eczema. When someone develops eczema, it can be a combination of allergens, irritants, or genes. When your body comes in contact with one of these things, it triggers your immune system to over react like your husband when you buy a new pair of summer sandals and matching purse. All that overreacting causes your body to produce inflammation causing eczema to flare up.

So, let’s talk about the different types and what you can do to kick this bad boy to the curb.

Types of Eczema

#1 Atopic Dermatitis is the most common and usually the most severe. It usually makes its grand appearance in childhood and then makes an encore later in life at some point. Research shows that people with eczema may have a mutation gene creating filaggrin, a protein that protects and serves the barrier of the skin. Without enough filaggrin, moisture will escape, and bacteria can enter. This is why some people with a topic dermatitis also suffer with dry skin.

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis are dry skin, infections, itchy open crusted sores (sometimes behind the ears). Scratching just inflames the area and the skin becomes thicker and can discolor. Remember the episode of friends where Charlie Sheen and Phoebe have chickenpox? I’ve wanted to put oven mitts on my daughter at times to prevent her from scratching.

#2 Contact Dermatitis which has is caused when you come into contact with a substance that you’re allergic to or an irritant your body can’t handle. This is one I’ve suffered with at times before our house became chemical free. Harmful chemicals are irritants and just coming in contact with your skin can cause contact dermatitis, causing dryness itching and cracking.
You can also develop contact dermatitis by coming in contact with something that you’re allergic to. The skin can actually take up to four days to react. The first time your skin comes in contact with the new allergen it sends a piece of the allergen to your immune system for analysis. It’s stores it and its memory bank. When is exposed to it over and over again it will develop an itchy skin response, so this is the tricky part because it can take several days for you to have a reaction and to figure out what it was you came in contact with.
Watch out for fragrances, formaldehyde, disinfectants, aspartame, and anything wrinkle resistant labels.
The best thing our family did two years ago was switching to a  harmful chemical free house. Young Living makes it really easy and extremely affordable to make that switch. It’s saved our skin and pocket books the last few years. If you’re interested on how you can save money and ditch the chemicals, shoot me an email at kimberly@theoilesthetician.com


Contact dermatitis can be very difficult to distinguish from a topic dermatitis another form of eczema.
  Symptoms include red, hot, itchy and weepy blisters most commonly on your hands.
This type of eczema something that we’ve dealt with first hand. So, what causes it? What type of allergies? Nickel allergies for one. It is extremely common among adults and children. Think jewelry, zippers, buttons. However, through my research on some answers for this type, I found nickel can be present in many of the good nutritious foods we eat. Green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, canned foods, oatmeal and chocolate. Noooooo!!! 
No, I’m not telling you to go on the “McDonald’s Diet”. But I am telling you to do some research on the foods that you may be consuming every day to see if they’re high and nickel content. Even your cell phone and those aluminum water bottles will cause you grief.

#3 Dyshidrotic Eczema- very common form that causes small very itchy and often weepy blisters on  fingers, toes and feet. Ahhhh!!! Allergy season can usually trigger this type for many. However, don’t downplay stress ever when talking eczema. Nickel, moist hands and feet, and pollen can make this type act up like your toddler last nap time as well. My sister even notices a difference when she began using bamboo silverware, ditched the metal water bottles, as well as stainless steel cookware. Sure, we all make fun of her, and are secretly jealous of her bougie place setting, but it prevents her from breakouts of blisters on her hands.

#4 Nummular Eczema- this just sounds made up. It has the shape of coins (meaning nummular) on the body, mostly the legs. It can be itchy, but it isn’t always. Normally the spots are extremely dry, scaly, and sometimes open and wet. It gets mistaken for a fungus infection a lot.
Triggers for this type can be trauma to the skin in that area, poor blood flow, or again heavy metals built up in your system.

# 5 Seborric Dermatitis- this form is affected where the sebaceous glands are present. Normally on the upper back, nose, scalp where genes and hormones play a role. Redness, greasy swollen skin, itching and burning comes along with this type.
Triggers include... stress, hormonal changes, harsh detergents, medicines, and cold dry weather.

#6 Stasis Dermatitis- this one is caused when you have problems with circulation in your veins, generally in the lower legs.
Veins cause pressure to build up as blood flows upwards through the body and heart. The pressure causes fluids to leak out of veins into the skin causing swelling around the ankles.
You will notice as you sleep the swelling disappears but returns when you’re up.

Symptoms are discolored skin, varicose veins, scaling or dry skin, leg ache, and redness.
Triggers are age, high blood pressure, obesity, many pregnancies, and varicose veins.
Pressure stockings, weight loss, elevating legs every few hours can help.

The key to addressing eczema is to figure out the underlying problem. Eczema isn’t a quick fix and is always connected to our gut health.

Topical remedies are just a Band-Aid and won’t hold your issue at bay forever. I’m all for getting ANY skin issue checked out at the doctor, in fact I suggest it, we don’t want anything going undiagnosed. However, just know you need to fix what’s causing the issue, not just address the symptoms of a larger problem.

So, I talk about gut in almost every video on skin in my Oily Esthetician group. If you’re not a member is suggest you ask to join today here!


Gut health is so very important and often the trick to healthy skin where eczema can’t exist.
Gut Health Musts:
-Probiotics if you aren’t currently taking them, you should be. Young Living Life 9’s is a staple in our house.
- Fermented foods, get your kombucha on ladies.
- removing foods with gluten and dairy. You must give your body 4-6 weeks to completely feel and see the effect of going GF and DF. This also helps acne as well.
- Many people with eczema have food allergies. Cow’s milk, soy products, eggs, gluten, corn, nuts, fish, and shellfish. Keep this in mind when you eat.
- Omega 3’s can help support eczema as well by supporting the inflammation response in your body.

Chemicals can be a trigger as well...
-So ditch and switch. If you’re not a YL member hit me up in an email for your free sample of chemical free cleaner that cost about 1.50 a bottle!!
- Watch out for coconut oil, while I love love this, it can cause havoc for some. So, pay attention and if you think you react to it, eliminate it from your routine.

How can you find some support?


- Foods high in flavonoids and powerful antioxidants, which can act like a natural antihistamine. Apples, blueberries, cherries, 🍒 spinach, and kale. Just keep in mind NICKLE if you think that’s a trigger for you.


-Pumpkin seeds and chia seeds provide a good amount of zinc, which can help aid in healing and metabolizing fatty acids.


-Vitamin D gives great support to not only your skin, but your complete system. Most of us lack vitamin D especially in the winter.



-Moisturize!!! Remember to use something without harmful chemicals or irritants. Young Living has a variety of creams, but I personally love the animal ointment if I really need some protection.


- Epsom salt bathes! These give you an extra boost of magnesium your body could use. They also help cleanse and soothe that irritated skin. Check out my blog on detox bathes.
- Witch hazel compresses... I like this particular brand.

- Remember your probiotics. Every night, I even suggest doubling up if you are dealing with an issue.

- Witch hazel compresses... I like this particular brand.




- Stress... use your oils girls. They don’t call it stress away for nothing. Let’s face it as moms, working women, wives and friends we deal with our stress plus others. So, do what you can to help destress your environment. That may be diffusing your favorite essential oil, taking a bath, reading, girls day, a kick butt boxing class, or zoning out with a HGTV episode. You need to schedule it in, take the time. Listen to your body, it’s the only one you get. Self-care darlings, it’s very important. The world will go on. Pray those problems away at night and get some sleep. Self-care is something I stress, because as women we put it off, so be good to yourself ❤️ YOU deserve it!!!

Kimberly Esposito
TLC for Your Tresses

Ladies, let’s talk Hair. I always say one day when I’m Royal Crown Diamond for Young living, I’m going to have a personal stylist style my hair each day. And I am only half kidding. While I actually enjoy applying makeup, I find spending time on my hair incredibly tedious sometimes with mixed results. Nevertheless, Mom and Grandma always made it a priority to maintain well styled tresses and taught me to do the same from a young age. Growing up in the eighties, hair commercials were big and the hair… it was bigger. Remember Salon Selectives? Your perfectly feathered hair had to be on point or why continue on? While the styles have changed, and the definition of great hair looks like has expanded, the pressure to have some serious hair game hasn’t.  This can cause some pretty intense frustrations in the morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s thick, thin, curly, or straight, everyone has a love-hate relationship with their hair for some reason or another. Well, I’m here to give you some tips and recipes that I have learned to curtail those bad hair days and how to show some love to those beautiful locks of yours. Good hair days, here we come!


Avoid the chemicals. Chemicals like alcohol and sulfates can strip your hair of their natural oils leaving it dry and dull. Silicone, a commonly found chemical and hair products, can also make your hair heavy causing you to have flat, lifeless hair. Try to pick more natural products. I love Young Living's Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo. No harmful chemicals and it adds some pretty killer volume.

Revise your conditioning routine. Rinse well after cleansing, condition, and rinse again with cold water. Cold water will seal in the moisture, giving your hair tons of shine. It also closes the cuticle layer, great for those with an oily scalp. A cold-water blast at the end of your shower is actually good for your skin as well. It reduces redness, tightens up pores, and all sorts of good things.

Be bougie and sleep on a silk pillowcase. If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian, it’s good enough for you. We both know that you’re extra, so give in and try it. It prevents breakage, moisture loss, and helps keep any frizz and bedhead at a minimum. This was a game changer I invested in for my daughter who has thick, curly hair. Goodbye Rosanna Danna Anna.

How you wash your hair matters. When your shampooing, avoid your ends. Only hit your scalp to the midsection of your hair. As you rinse your other hair will be come clean without stripping it of it natural oil. Remember your scalp tends to produce oils, leaving your ends dryer. Because I tend to have oily hair, I skip conditioner closer to my scalp, so I can squeeze another day of not washing my hair. Which leads us to the next tip…

Washing hair every day is a big no-no. I know, I know, you’ve probably heard this one before, but it bears repeating. I seriously struggle with this some days.  But all that washing is harder on your hair and if you struggle with oily hair, it can make it worse. The good news is you can buy a day or two with dry shampoo. Seriously, I don’t know what my life would be without that little miracle. I have a great natural recipe for one as well.  


Supplements and food can help make a difference. Making sure you’re eating clean will definitely help the vibrancy of your hair. Leafy greens and good fats are phenomenal for hair care. Also, certain supplements like Sulfurzyme from Young Living support healthy hair, skin, and nails like no other.

Watch those hot tools gals. I love beachy waves just as much as the next girl, but it really does a number on your hair so be careful you are not overdoing it. If you can get by a day or two without putting heat on your hair, that helps. Just like I think you should treat your face to a mask once a week, I believe you should treat your hair just as good. I have a great hair mask recipe to try the next time you are soaking in the tub. This isn’t your mom’s old school V05 hot oil treatment ladies... no need to break out the Jordash jeans just yet. Combining avocado with olive oil through those tresses will really pack a punch. Olive oil smooths the hair and avocado 🥑 actually contains biotin, helping your hair and nails stay strong.

Even your towel can make a difference. Using a special towel will help calm the frizz and not deplete your hair of all its natural moisture.

Get yourself a wet brush. They are the best invention since mascara. No seriously. They are more gentle and effective getting through those knots so now I don’t have the desire to drink a glass of wine after I get done combing out my daughter’s hair anymore.

Less ponytails and tight up does. I tell my daughter all the time she’s going to look like Danny Divito one day because it’s constantly up in a tight rubber band. Pulling and tugging eventually wears on the hair follicle. So, definitely rotate your styles.

Ultimately, no matter your hair type, take time to keep your mane happy and healthy. Long term, this will do well in knocking out most of those bad hair days. If you forget why you are combing a perfectly delicious avocado through your hair and not making guacamole for tonight’s binge watching of Game of Thrones, just remember those old-school L’Oréal commercials, “because I’m worth it.”

Kimberly Esposito
Getting Started with Microneedling

Microneedling was something I started using in my skincare practice about 7 years ago. I am all about using something natural and holistic to achieve beautiful skin and this treatment does exactly that.  It’s gained lots of popularity as of late for it’s easy-to-use technology. You might also have heard it referred to as CIT, skin needling, or derma-rolling.  It’s a minimal invasive cosmetic procedure that has wonderful outcomes when done correctly with the right tool. Sounding a little scary? Don’t worry, I am the biggest baby when it comes to inflecting pain upon myself, just ask the person who waxes me… though, that’s a whole different blog lol.

Basically, the treatment uses a small handheld rolling device called a derma-roller. It’s covered with many tiny closely-spaced needles. As you glide the roller along the skin, it creates tiny, fine holes without damaging the epidermis. Its main aim is to create a controlled injury underneath the skin’s surface, so your body will respond by producing more collagen in that area. Your skin will plump and thicken reducing lines, scars, and (HOLLAR) even stretch marks! HELLO!! 



roller serum.JPG

The beauty of this treatment when you do it yourself, is that you are in control of the pressure. If you see a professional like myself licensed to perform the treatment, you can go a little deeper with the needle size. I always recommend a 0.5 or 1.00 and to start off 1-2x weekly building up to a daily treatment if you prefer. 


What Else CAN IT DO?

The brilliance of the micro needling tool is that it is beneficial for everyone. From the improvement of collagen, lines, scars acne, and trauma to the skin and even pigmentation. My favorite thing I teach about this tool is that it dramatically increases the absorption of your serum. I recommend using a little serum to start and then applying it again after the treatment. It’s common to absorb 1000x more than you would just applying it on its own. 


I also sell my micro-needling tools with LED lights for extra benefits. LED (light emitting diode) is a powerful yet gentle way of painting beautiful skin. It’s safe yet extremely effective! It gives you a way to treat many concerns without harsh chemicals or peels. 


RED- Helps to heal and produce collagen in the dermis layer. It improves elasticity, texture, circulation, and hydration. Red LED can help assist in the repairing of acne blemishes because of its natural healing process. 



BLUE- Is a therapeutic light which helps to kill acne bacteria. It also helps to speed up healing and reduce inflammation in the skin. It will help to purify and stabilize the oil glands. 


GREEN- Has a calming effect on the skin. If you are one like me that suffers from pigmentation (thanks to the pregnancy with my sweet middle child) this light will help. It helps to lighten pigmentation spots revealing an overall brighter complexion. Green light has been used to dilate capillaries and sagging skin around the eyes, or even under eye circles.


Make sure to watch my tube video on how to get started. Then hop mover to my shop page and pick your tool to be on your way to beautiful looking skin! 


Kimberly Esposito
Secrets Your Esthetician Wants You to Know

I have been in the skin and beauty business for some time now. And honest conversation, I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all. I always joke with my girlfriends that I should write a tell all book about the things I’ve come across in my twenty-three years in the skincare industry. But just like a therapist, an Esthetician never waxes and tells. So instead, I will let you in on some insider information and share with you the things every esthetician wishes her clients knew.

A quality toner is a game changer. A toner is the foundation of your skincare routine. It’s one of the most important steps and probably the most overlooked. Environmental factors and even stress can cause your skin’s pH to be acidic. Every time you wash your face (even with a good chemical free cleanser) you strip your skin. Using a toner after brings it back to its neutral pH level.  Also choosing the right toner is important. Always look for toners that don’t contain alcohol. Many good organic toners contain anti-aging and restoring ingredients to support the skin. Remember this is step #2 after you cleanse, but before a serum. I typically see major changes in the skin once a client begins to regularly use a toner. I promise, it’s worth it!

The right scrub helps, the wrong one hurts. DO NOT over use an exfoliating scrub. 1-3x weekly is more than enough. Any more than that and you risk microscopic tears in the skin which can cause pigmentation. This goes for choosing the right type as well. Please, please, please use nothing with microbeads or seashells. We aren’t deserted on an island, we don’t need to resort to that nonsense. In my practice I use deeper exfoliants which are extremely powerful like fruit or pumpkin enzymes. These are great without damaging the skin and getting your glow back.

Don’t try to dry out a zit. I know none of us love to look 15 again minus the retainer and still be in our 40-year-old bodies, but you actually make them worse when you pick or use strong or harsh chemicals like alcohol in an attempt to rid yourself of them. Instead remember that moderation is key in skincare. So be patient, give it time to heal.


Cream? Yes, for the love of God... you still need to use a cream if you are oily or have acne. By foregoing cream, you only make your skin oilier. Your body will supply it either way. So be in control and find one to help balance out your skin type. I find switching products quarterly works well, especially if you live in a seasonal region.

Trust us. Please trust your Esthetician, if you trust them enough to work on your skin, trust them enough to recommend a product for you. This is especially true for all my holistic gals out there. If your Esthetician uses good product, trust them to recommend something organic for your skin. We can’t help your skin if we don’t know what you’re using. When we recommend a product, it is because we know what it does.

Do your homework, know your product source. Please don’t buy skincare lines from just anywhere. Yes, it’s work, but it’s your skin. Just like oils, unless you have a quality product source you won’t be able to tell if it’s been tampered, diluted, or who it’s coming from. It’s so important to get it directly from an approved, reputable source.

Let the magic happen. Allow your skin 4-6 weeks when you use a new product. It takes about that long to see a true difference. I know we live in a pretty result and time focused society, but patience is key.

Don’t be embarrassed. Like I said, we’ve seen it all and a good, passionate Esthetician wants to help you. We are always our worse critic and almost 100% of the time you think your skin is worse than what it actually is. So just relax, take a deep breath and ask your questions then listen to our suggestions.

Serum is where it’s at. Serum is an extremely important step. Europeans have been big on serums for decades. Here in the states it’s a new thing for you all, but it’s a huge skincare game changer. I’m here to tell you it’s been a lifesaver for my aging process over the last 10 years. Many serums are packed with pure goodness like hylaronic acid, vitamin C, or collagen. Serums actually penetrate the dermis deeper than a cream can, so they do more. A serum is always after toner, but before cream.

Love your skin and it will love you. Remember your skin is your largest organ. We tend to forget that as we are buying our chemical filled cleansers, makeup and lotions. Be just as smart about what goes on your body as what goes in it. Unfortunately, here in the US we still get away with putting harmful, cancer causing, endocrine disrupting chemicals in our beauty products. It’s sad, but that’s a whole other blog. So, start swapping out to more organic, natural products for better skin and health.

And remember, going to the esthetician is not like going on trial for skincare crimes. We are not here to judge or to put anyone in the hot seat. We are here to guide you on your journey toward the skin health you want for yourself. Ultimately, I just want to see my clients happy in the skin they are in. Finding the right information on how to achieve that can be tricky, there is a lot of bad advice out there. But, remembering these few steps can save you a lot of time, money, and blemishes. And honestly, it doesn’t get better than that!

Kimberly Esposito
Spring Skin
spring skin title.PNG

So, I’ve heard tales of this thing called “spring”. Something between summer and winter when the sun and rain take turns coaxing the green back into the landscape. I guess its warmer too from what I hear. Here in the upper Midwest, there is no such thing this year. In fact, today was grey, cold, and snowy. Yep, snowy. April, you are drunk, go home.

Even though it doesn’t feel like spring, I am whipping out the Thieves, unloading closets, and picking out which one of my lucky kids gets to wash the base boards. Spring cleaning folks! But, my home isn’t the only thing I am sprucing up this weekend, I will also be spring cleansing my skin. Like Chicago, many regions in the winter are dryer and/or colder, wreaking havoc on the skin. Skin becomes dryer these months making for a duller complexion. And before we don shorts and tanks and stop hiding behind layers of sweaters and scarves, I have a few tips to change things up and get that glow back!

Usually spring is where we want to go a little lighter on the moisturizer and switch up your serum. My favorite serums for spring skin care include vitamin C. I love the way it makes my skin glow. Even if your using a great holistic moisturizer, I always recommend to my clients to switch up their products to get more of a bang. Your skin gets use to the same thing and doesn’t respond as effectively after a long period of time on the same product. So, try something different within the line. A lighter moisturizer or a mask can make a big difference.

mint scrub.PNG


Exfoliating needs to be part of your routine no matter what month it is, but spring is where we really need it most. Dead skin cells have accumulated from winter and it’s time to brighten things up. Avoid shells, micro beads, and apricot pits. These are too harsh and cause microscopic tears in the skin. This is an esthetician’s worse nightmare. I always recommend you buy scrubs, not make them. Make certain it’s safe for your skin and formulated right for your skin type. My personal favorite is the Satin Mint Face Scrub by Young Living. If you’re not a member of YL, this scrub is a great reason to be. To learn more about becoming a member click here. Two times weekly is all you need to keep your skin looking fresh.







This is also the time of year I recommend everyone have a professional facial. If you’re seeing a holistic esthetician, they can do deeper peeling with certain enzymes and products. Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks, but if you can’t swing that, always at least aim for one at the start of spring.




Spring is also a good time to consider upping your SPF game as well. Make sure you’re using a good one, free of unsafe chemicals. Harmful chemicals can cause all sorts of issues on the skin, working against all your good intended efforts. Look for ones with zinc oxide and skip the harsh, nasty stuff. Young Living came out with one last summer that saved us! It literally took all summer to use up and my skin loved it.

With that being said, water, water, water. Your skin cells need water to function optimally just as much as the rest of your body. I will be going into depth on hydration in upcoming posts, stay tuned. Until then, let’s get spring ready (even if spring isn’t necessarily ready for us)!










Get Your Glow Back Mask

get your glow back mask.PNG
Kimberly Esposito
Workout Skin Care

One of the most common skin care concerns I get asked is about is post-workout breakouts. Whether it’s the face, chest, or back it can be so annoying. Here you are, doing good things for your body and this is how it repays you, skin circa 7th grade awkward phase. Admittedly, I am just now starting back up a workout routine and I’m in love. Boxing my friends. Maybe it’s the inner Laura Croft wannabe in me but it’s a blast and it makes me sweat. So much so, that I’ve been experiencing a few breakouts here and there and seriously, no thanks. And since quitting my quest for the perfect roundhouse is not an option, I should start following my own advice as I share with you. So, if you are going to sweat it out at the gym, make sure to follow these tips to keep your complexion in shape too!


#1 Before your workout make sure you have clean makeup free skin.

You have a higher chance of breaking out working out in makeup. As you sweat your pores open up and they can easily be clogged with makeup on your skin. So, if you’re coming from the office, pack a travel case of your 3-step process cleanser, toner and cream.


#2 Wipe down that yucky equipment, it breeds bacteria.

Bacteria loves places like the gym and equipment. Before you know it, you’ve touched some sort of equipment and then your face and bam! Bacteria transferred. I always carry my travel thieves spray or some thieves wipes to make it easy to wipe it down.


#3 Wear your hair up or back with a sweat band.

I’ll admit, I hate a sweat band. No matter what I do I look like an Aerosmith roadie. It doesn’t work for me. Many of you look so cute and it does a bang-up job at keeping the sweat and hair products from your hair of your face and body. That’s important, because so hair products can wreak havoc on the skin.


#4 Change your workout clothes.

 Never reuse the same ones you previously sweated in. Again, bacteria can be harbored on them and as you workout, your pores open and allow the bacteria to cause more clogging issues.


#5 Recover.

Pimples can occur because of hormone changes in the body. As you workout the level of the male hormone testosterone will rise. So, as you get more fit, build muscle and strength, your hormones will fluctuate. It’s very important to give your body adequate rest not only to recover but to stabilize that hormone.


#6 Eat clean and hydrate.

Your diet is so important. As you exercise you lose vitamins and minerals along with hydration. Watch that water intake and be certain to eat a balanced diet and supplement with good quality nutrients. Young Living’s supplements are AMAZING and infused with essential oils for a more long lasting effect in the body.


#7 Deep clean and exfoliate.

Make sure to exfoliate no more than two times a week. This helps you get rid of the dead skin cells that are hanging around. If you’re having back breakouts grab a loofah and use a high-quality body wash free of harmful chemicals. Young Living’s Morning Start one is my favorites. A loofah will help loosen the dead skin cells on your back making it harder for bacteria to stay. A deep cleaning mask like the “Deep Cleanse Mask” with lavender will help you get all the nitty-gritty gone for clearer skin. Once a week makes a big difference. I like to do mine at night in a bath. Be sure to make it easy and doable so you will follow through.



#8 Cleanse post-workout.

deep cleanse mask.PNG

Always wash your face ASAP after your workout. I know, I know. You’re out and you want to hit the grocery store and a million other errands before you head home to kids but know this is the #1 reason people break out after working out. You’ve sweated so now you have to get that face clean and Ph balanced with a toner and hydrated with your serum and cream. I promise you it’s well worth it.


Now go have a great workout without worrying about your skin. Know that you are in control and every one of these tips helps. Good luck and kick butt!


Kimberly Esposito
Beauty Sleep
bed sleep.JPG

You’ve been busy all day. Now, it’s 9pm and you can finally sit down, grab a book or catch up on that show you’ve been meaning to watch all year, have some tea, and leisurely make your way to bed when you begin to feel oh so sleepy. Hahahaha, yeah right. There are lunches to be packed, clothes to lay out, backpacks and workbags to ready, and probably more dishes to do, there are always more dishes somewhere, somehow. And don’t even get me started on the laundry. Seriously. And that’s on an easy night. Sleep will have to wait, it just isn’t as important. Here’s the thing though, when I was younger I could make sleep low priority and pull off a late night getting it all done, and function reasonably well the next day. But, hello 40’s. Not only do you get up three times to pee, but you feel like your nights are too short and too long all at once. How is this even a thing?! Just like you can literally eat ice and carrots and gain weight. Wow, thanks 40… you’re my hero. 

First, lets reevaluate how we prioritize our sleep and exactly why we need our beauty rest. I am not just talking beauty here either my friend, sleep affects your entire body and overall health. Consistently not getting those precious seven to nine hours each night not only makes you look like you’ve pulled an all-nighter at a frat party but also puts your physical health at risk. During sleep your body heals itself and restores balance in your system. Without proper slumber your body and brain systems will not function properly. This is where coffee comes in, but no matter how much we joke… coffee will not make you smarter. During sleep pathways form between nerve cells helping you remember new information. Your nervous system also controls your coordination skills, so you can avoid accidents more easily. Ever had a long night and been stumped on spelling the word AND or been on your cell phone looking for your cell phone? #truestory #itsscary Not to mention, the mood swings are real. Continual sleep deprivation can actually cause depression, paranoia, and another frozen pizza night eating your feelings.

Without proper sleep, your immune system is deprived and is prevented from building its army of good guys as well. Remember, when you sleep you heal. Your digestion system is the command center, I talk about this a lot. Sleep affects the levels of two vital hormones leptin and gherlin which control the feelings of hunger and fullness. Ever wonder why after a bad night you turn into an episode of Wayne’s World and consume a bag of chips on the couch watching Netflix so long it asks if you are still there? Hormones, but these we can control with sleep. Without enough sleep your body reduces leptin and increases ghrelin which is an appetite stimulant. I need this said NO ONE EVER. Insomnia and poor sleep is also linked to stroke and heart attack, the largest threat to women’s health. Heart disease kills more U.S. women that all forms of cancer combined. 



What Does lack of Sleep Actually Do?

So now that we know what happens to your system, let’s talk how it affects us beauty wise ladies.


Skin makes new collagen when you sleep. More collagen = plumper skin. Collagen also helps you to stay hydrated at optimal levels.


Want your glow back? Try getting more sleep. When you snooze, it helps to increase blood flow which aid in a healthy glow.

sleep mask.JPG

I remember my Grandma ushering us to bed early saying, “you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed.” Well, this is why. Your eyes are the first thing compromised after a stunted night’s sleep. You will notice puffiness, sagging, and even dark circles. The blood will pool under your eyes due to poor circulation.  On the contrary, after a good night’s sleep you will notice improved blood flow and a rosy complexion riding yourself of that vampiric look. Sorry Edward, I don’t pull of the undead look as well as you do.


Yes, lack of zzz’s can mean more than a bad hair day. Hair gets less nutrients and minerals because they have a harder time being absorbed. No sleep usually means stress which can also cause you hair to fall out. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

A Happy Appearance

When you’re tired from lack of sleep it can cause your skin to droop. We tend to frown and furrow more often when we are tired. Ever had anyone say to you, “you look tired”?

I always want to say something snarky back but am usually too foggy to form a complete and witty response. I can only utter a mumbled, “thanks buddy, thanks”.





So, what can we do?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get a goodnight and restorative slumber…


I like a bath right before bed to relax me. Take a look at my blog on detox bathes. I always take a shower or bath before bed. It’s a ritual which gives my body the signal it’s time for sleep and those little rituals are important and help you prepare for nighttime. Plus, scientifically speaking, when your body temperature drops after getting out of a warm bath, it helps the body naturally relax. Some tricks I use are Epsom salts and essential oils. Lavender is one of my many favorites.


A sleep schedule helps. Until this year I have never been great at this. My husband swears by it. It helps to regulate your body’s clock. I guess that’s why he can literally fall asleep and snore within 45 seconds.


Exercise… YAY that pesky word always seems to find its way into something healthy. Activity helps your body, just to be tired. Just don’t do it too close to bedtime.


Be careful how you nap. Even a 10-minute power nap can ruin my night’s sleep, but everyone is different. I am not a napper unless I need to be up late. I’ve always wished I lived in Europe where they take naps and stay up to all hours of the night drinking wine and luxuriously dining for several hours. But, I am from Illinois and apparently that’s frowned upon.


Have a comfortable bed and pillow. If anyone wants to play pillow match-maker for me, please send them my way. I feel like pillows come to die at our house. I still haven’t found my perfect pillow.


It’s all about the room. They say the perfect temp for a bedroom is between 60-67 degrees. This is where my husband and I throw down. If I am hot, I will not sleep. Also, the lightening in your room needs to be optimal. I like it dark, like coffin dark. My best friend since I was 10 tells me I really am a vampire. If there is a crack of light I will not sleep well. I am all about a good sleep mask. And of course, creating a tech free zone before bed helps. Screens mimic daylight and can keep your brain going. Shutting down is a challenge, but I promise you one that comes with numerous benefits.

I don’t know about you, but I could go for a nap now! If you have any sleep hacks, as always send them my way on my Instagram or Facebook. Until then, sweet dreams Beautiful!


Kimberly Esposito
Tea Therapy
tea therapy graphic.png

In the morning we have our routines, coffee, shower, breakfast, aaand go. These routines are important little things, no matter how conscious of them we are. They offer stability, comfort, and are a bridge to the bigger things we want to accomplish for the day. However, I have found over time that routines in afternoons and evenings tend to get overlooked. A bit reflective of our fast-paced world, isn’t it? If it does not directly relate to productivity, then it just loses priority. So, consider for a moment… what do we do to wind down the day? If you are like me, you struggle with that off switch, it’s like my body and mind have too much momentum to just stop. I need, need, need that signal to the slowing of the day just as my body chemistry and the natural world around me is doing the same. For me, that signal is tea and it is an absolute ritual. I say ritual because where routine is a regularity, and habit -like, ritual is done with mindfulness and intention. My afternoon tea is just that, it is a slower, careful process that cannot be rushed from the time it takes to boil water, to sieving, and finally enjoying. I feel a bit like Pavlov’s dogs, just the sound of my teapot switching on after a long day, and I cannot help but begin to relax. It’s not unlike that moment and the end of the day when the bra comes off, sorry family, Mom’s not going anywhere now.

The bonus to this ritual is that it is pretty healthful too. For one, tea has less caffeine than coffee. Green especially so. Now I am not hating on my coffee, some days I seriously cannot function without it. But, in the afternoons especially it is time to start that slow comedown from the day and the less caffeine, the better. If coffee is something you are looking to move away from, but you love the taste, try chicory root. It offers all kinds of benefits and support for areas like the liver and gut. As well, there is just an endless option of other teas, mainly herbal, for nearly any ailment you can think of. Some time tested like chamomile to aid the body for a calming effect and ginger to support digestion (A word of caution though, do your research first for any medicinal teas, especially if you are pregnant). And don’t be intimidated by loose-leaf teas. They are delightful, maybe a little extra effort but certainly well worth it.

sore throat soother.PNG

One of my personal favorites, loose-leaf or otherwise, is green tea. It tastes amazing hot or cold, you can get it paired with all kinds of other flavors, and its benefits are huge. It is an anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, it can improve dental health, and limit the growth of certain bacteria’s. Plus, I hear Cindy Crawford drinks tea every day, and seriously either its helping her look amazingly young or she’s a vampire, just sayin’.

Tea is also a great way to get in some essential oils. When I am feeling the first signs of a cold bug, I hit up Lemon and Thieves Vitality in my mug with some raw honey. A little Orange or Clove Vitality makes a nice spicy addition. But as in everything we consume or put on our bodies, opt for organic and make sure you are ingesting a wholesome, quality product to get all of the amazing benefits of your tea. This is one of the reasons I am an Oola Tea subscriber. They produce some wonderful, quality organic teas and with each bag purchased, provide a meal to a child in need in their partnership with Rice Bowls. How amazing is that!

So, the next time we meet on my blog, consider bringing along a warm, replenishing, soul-healing tea. Because even better than relaxing with your tea, is sharing some (along with plenty of laughs) with your tribe.

cup of wellness.png
Kimberly Esposito

Nervous? Nope, that doesn’t quite cut it. I think the one of the main reasons I have put off launching my blog is the thought of it not being just right, not being quite so perfect. Being real while trying to inspire others is a tall order, one that sometimes I doubt my effectiveness. Because when you’re real, you’re not always inspiring, can I get an amen on that? I hardly feel inspiring when my youngest gets me to seriously consider Bailey’s in my morning coffee even before I’ve applied my eyeliner for the day.



One of the reasons I founded the Oily Esthetician website was to put an ever-growing wealth of valuable information and resources where it is accessible. However, it evolved and bloomed into something bigger than even that for me. There is nothing I love more than waking up to a message saying “I can’t thank you enough...” for whichever skin or beauty mishap one of my contacts were enduring at the time. This turned into something of a movement for myself on what beauty really is and what it means to us and how to help women on their own journeys of empowerment as they realize that beauty really is only skin deep. Over the years I’ve learned beauty goes beyond choosing the perfect lipstick color or flawless skin, it is your attitude, your soul, and your daily intention both inside and out. When you feel healthful and beautiful on the inside, your potential to bring beauty to the world increases exponentially. What I endeavor to do is help you achieve this, help you on your path to pure and holistic self-care, to empower you with knowledge and self-confidence in a world where such things are quite often rare. I want to help you pass this information as well as a sense of empowerment onto your daughters, to the women in your life you treasure. Unexpectedly for myself, the Oily Esthetician has grown from education on holistic beauty, and it has transcended into a spring of inspiration.


What I truly hope as I begin this launch is that in your day, at some point you pause, take a cleansing breath, stop by and learn something, something that will encourage you to spend some time and care on your own self. Let us start that journey together now, it will be a beautiful thing.


“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” -Humphrey Bogart

Kimberly Esposito
Detox Baths

It should come as no surprise that I am passionate about the skin, it quite literally is what I do. I have spent years helping others achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy complexion. We all love to look and feel beautiful and I certainly am honored to be part of that journey. However, what isn’t quite so obvious is perhaps why I care so much about skin health apart from aesthetics. Simply put, it is one of the most vital parts of our overall health and one of the most overlooked. Skin is the body’s largest organ, it is complex, it is our foremost barrier, and it often reflects what is going on inside the body. We encounter countless harmful and toxic elements daily. From microbes to harmful chemicals, our skin does a ton of heavy lifting and takes a ton of abuse. However, I have a little trick (albeit well known yet often forgotten) up my sleeve that combats all those toxins and uses the skin in a kind way while it pampers it (and you). Detox baths, my friend.

relax and detox.png

Hydrotherapy is ancient, yet so underutilized. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, around the 5th century began to recognize the power of water and its therapeutic benefits with its varied minerals and properties. Though practiced in spas for centuries, detoxifying baths are seldom if not at all utilized in the home. So, ladies with all that is available to us in the current century, let’s take advantage, shall we? It doesn’t have to cost a ton and is just as great for the soul as well as the body.

First though, let’s start with some basics. Personally, I make my detox baths a ritual. Come Sunday night the door gets locked and everyone stays off the radar. Even my youngest knows my bathroom is off limits for the next hour or retribution comes swift in the form of an early bedtime and an out of sorts Mama. I grab my tea, diffuser, and my favorite essential oils. I like to add my EO’s straight to the bath for better dispersion throughout. Another key ingredient I am apt to use is Epsom salts.  They boost the magnesium levels that so many of us lack. Magnesium is the “helper molecule” and vital to so many of our bodies biochemical reactions. Seriously, I challenge you, google “magnesium” and you will be amazed. It is easily absorbed through the skin and helps flush out toxins and heavy metals from our cells. Not to mention, it eases muscle pain, improves nerve function, relieves stress, reduces inflammation, and prevents/eases headaches and migraines.




A second gem is Apple Cider Vinegar. Okay, so I realize ACV doesn’t have an amazing smell, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Just SOME of its gifts are restored PH levels to the skin, as well as its softening ability to the skin and shine to the hair. It is a natural source of B and C vitamins and combats fungus and bacteria. Again, doing some further research on ACV will make you wonder why you waited so long in adding it to your weekly bath routine. Below, I’ve posted one of my favorite detox baths that brings together the best of both worlds. Keep in mind, the warmer the water the more effective the detox will be. The bonus here is that you will sleep like a baby. Your body temperature naturally lowers at night. The change of temperature from a warm bath to cooling when you step out will naturally relax you.







Another favorite of mine is the Oxygen Bath. Remember when hydrogen peroxide came out from under the sink when you skinned a knee or elbow as a kid? I don’t know about you, but this is when I would run. Scary stuff then, but there all sorts of benefits using this food grade hydrogen peroxide (link) now. By this I mean the 35% pure stuff instead of the 3% like most of us have at home. It oxygenates the blood and oxidizes the unhealthy cells to eliminate the bad without hurting the good cells.







Now there will be those days that you are short on time and maybe even resources. For those days or while I am traveling I like to keep pre-made bath bombs on hand. Young Living makes two mineral-rich bath bombs, Lavender Calming and a Stress Away Relaxing. You simply add it to a warm bath and you’re on your way to calmer, smother and ultra-moisturized you. And the best part is that its Young Living so it’s almost a given that it is paraben, phthalate, petrochemical, synthetic preservative, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic dye/colorant free and of course it is made with 100 percent naturally derived ingredients and pure essential oils. Win!

Young Livings Stress Away Relaxing and Lavender Calming Bath Bombs.

Young Livings Stress Away Relaxing and Lavender Calming Bath Bombs.



Finally, when choosing your EO’s look at purity. I like to choose relaxing or grounding blends for my baths and it just depends on what I need. Eucalyptus for sinus support, Lavender if I need to relax, or Frankincense for an extra little skin pampering. Begin with the basics and build from there. Most importantly, take this time for you. Yes, this is good for the body but also consider that these moments are necessary to put your mind and soul inline with what you want to bring to the world.


“Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.” - Amy Ippoliti

Kimberly Esposito
Love Your Body

This time of year is full of emotions. We are all trying to better ourselves, strive for major goals, most of which have to do with losing weight and getting into shape. Ugh, right? We are slowly approaching our third week in “Resolution Month” and I would be willing to bet that most of us are feeling the pain. Well, I come to you this drizzly Wednesday as a soft place to rest your workout weary self for a moment and remind you to love your body because you are gorgeous! I will be honest though, a “love your body” mentality is something I have struggled with most of my life too. But with time comes experience, and we all know it is our best teacher. Over the years I have learn a few key things I want to share that have helped me on my journey to appreciate my body for the beautiful vessel it is.

1.       Go through the motions. I know those words typically have a negative connotation, but bear with me. Fake it till you make it. For example, do something that you might consider typically only a luxury and make it habitual. If rough, dry skin is something you feel insecure about, take the time to do more than apply your daily lotion. Like say indulge in luxurious Egyptian Milk Bath once a week and make yourself some beautiful smelling and amazingly beneficial frankincense moisturizer to follow. It may sound simple, but when you make an effort and take time to pamper yourself, it is an investment in you. Not only is it good for the body, it informs the mind to make you a priority on a regular basis because you are worth it and we don’t need a slogan to remind us darn it. If you have to bar the bathroom door and jam at an unreasonable volume to ABBA’s Greatest Hits to tune out the unsupervised Nerf gun war your children are in the midst of to pamper yourself, by God do it. Your couch cushions may get pummeled, but you will absolutely glow inside and out. And I promise, after time you will love the body you are taking such amazing care of.

love toe.jpg

2.       Find the beauty in others. Again, I know this sounds odd, but I have noticed over time my own conception of beauty has changed. Of course, I still find celebrities and the like aesthetically beautiful. I mean Charlize Theron, come on she’s perfect and does not age. Seriously, she might be a vampire. Though lately, I can’t help but see a more powerful beauty in the “real” and “everyday”. I find myself thinking much more often things like “wow, that woman has a such a healthy glow” or “that mother is stunning when she smiles at her children.” Sometimes it is easier for us to see the positive in others before we can see it in ourselves and realizing that we too are beautiful outside of the illusion of marketing media is a powerful tool in the effort to love our own selves.

3.       Fuel yourself with the best. No matter what detailed beauty routine you follow nor no matter how exotic, lovely, and effective the product you use is, its all for naught if what you are putting in your body is, well, junk. You will feel like junk, you will think like junk, and really who could love themselves in those conditions? I bet not even a Kardashian could. And here is the kicker, when you eat with high quality fuel, you perform like the machine you were meant to be. Own that stair climber. So, Grandma was right, you are what you eat so lovies, eat clean and eat happy.

Happy Wednesday Beautiful!

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito