Thigh Gap

So, one of the many reason’s I chose to start living a more chemical free lifestyle was because of harmful ingredients like talc. For the past few years I’ve heard more and more about how this dangerous chemical is and it is still allowed in our cosmetics and body care. It’s in everything from face makeup, soap, to antiperspirant. I have my ultimate chemical free makeup covered with my Savvy line from Young Living. They also make some pretty awesome soaps and shampoo’s. I like taking the guess work out and ordering from a reputable company. You can go down some crazy rabbit holes looking for information about products. One thing I haven’t found is the replacement for baby powder. You may ask “Why would a middle aged (UGH) woman need baby powder if her youngest is 8. Well I blame my mother (it’s in chapter 5 of things we blame parents for in my book). She has me addicted to it. See, I wasn’t genetically blessed with the thigh gap many girls have. Nope, unfortunately my thighs… they rub together with enough friction to cause forest fires. There, I’ve said it, it’s out in the cyber world now. I’m more likely to see a rainbow unicorn than a thigh gap. So, this is where I took control and made my own safe and healthy powder to protect my three-year-old thighs. It’s easy to make and works like a charm. 

thigh gap.jpg

Thigh Gap Magic

1/2 cup of arrowroot powder

2 drops of chamomile essential oil

2 drops of lavender essential oil

You can store this in sugar shaker jar for quick easy use. 


Kimberly Esposito