Love Your Body

This time of year is full of emotions. We are all trying to better ourselves, strive for major goals, most of which have to do with losing weight and getting into shape. Ugh, right? We are slowly approaching our third week in “Resolution Month” and I would be willing to bet that most of us are feeling the pain. Well, I come to you this drizzly Wednesday as a soft place to rest your workout weary self for a moment and remind you to love your body because you are gorgeous! I will be honest though, a “love your body” mentality is something I have struggled with most of my life too. But with time comes experience, and we all know it is our best teacher. Over the years I have learn a few key things I want to share that have helped me on my journey to appreciate my body for the beautiful vessel it is.

1.       Go through the motions. I know those words typically have a negative connotation, but bear with me. Fake it till you make it. For example, do something that you might consider typically only a luxury and make it habitual. If rough, dry skin is something you feel insecure about, take the time to do more than apply your daily lotion. Like say indulge in luxurious Egyptian Milk Bath once a week and make yourself some beautiful smelling and amazingly beneficial frankincense moisturizer to follow. It may sound simple, but when you make an effort and take time to pamper yourself, it is an investment in you. Not only is it good for the body, it informs the mind to make you a priority on a regular basis because you are worth it and we don’t need a slogan to remind us darn it. If you have to bar the bathroom door and jam at an unreasonable volume to ABBA’s Greatest Hits to tune out the unsupervised Nerf gun war your children are in the midst of to pamper yourself, by God do it. Your couch cushions may get pummeled, but you will absolutely glow inside and out. And I promise, after time you will love the body you are taking such amazing care of.

love toe.jpg

2.       Find the beauty in others. Again, I know this sounds odd, but I have noticed over time my own conception of beauty has changed. Of course, I still find celebrities and the like aesthetically beautiful. I mean Charlize Theron, come on she’s perfect and does not age. Seriously, she might be a vampire. Though lately, I can’t help but see a more powerful beauty in the “real” and “everyday”. I find myself thinking much more often things like “wow, that woman has a such a healthy glow” or “that mother is stunning when she smiles at her children.” Sometimes it is easier for us to see the positive in others before we can see it in ourselves and realizing that we too are beautiful outside of the illusion of marketing media is a powerful tool in the effort to love our own selves.

3.       Fuel yourself with the best. No matter what detailed beauty routine you follow nor no matter how exotic, lovely, and effective the product you use is, its all for naught if what you are putting in your body is, well, junk. You will feel like junk, you will think like junk, and really who could love themselves in those conditions? I bet not even a Kardashian could. And here is the kicker, when you eat with high quality fuel, you perform like the machine you were meant to be. Own that stair climber. So, Grandma was right, you are what you eat so lovies, eat clean and eat happy.

Happy Wednesday Beautiful!

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito