Sugar & Your Skin


Ok Ladies, you may hate me or love me after this blog, especially with it being so close to Halloween. Who here has convinced themselves to buy bags of Halloween candy early because how horrible would it be if you were the Mom passing out those black and orange peanut butter taffy things that have probably been in a bag since 1976? Yeah?? This girl too. Now how many have broken down, ripped open that bag and only left Almond Joy’s? Yep… this girl too. Writing this blog was a helpful reminder that sugar does more to your body than just make your favorite jeans feel a little tight.


So, let’s get down to it. When you ingest sugar or foods with a high glycemic index it probably is affecting not only your waistline but most likely your skin too. It affects the way it looks, feels, you’re your skins hydration levels. Weather its fruit, salad dressing, or a snickers bar (my favorite) your body converts sugar to carbs and raises your insulin levels. Refined sugars like bread, soda, fried foods, and sugar cause instant inflammation in your body. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collage and elastin resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen is something we as women need to cling onto like the last coffee pod in your house ladies. Collagen is the springy substances that makes your face look plump, youthful, and lifted. Just look at a toddler’s skin, notice how perfect and plump it is? Lots of collagen at work. I think those Sanderson Sister’s were on to something in Hocus Pocus. A woman’s collagen production dramatically drops off in your 30’s and sugar just accelerates the process.

So how does collagen die off after you pop that Krispy Kreme donut Sunday morning? Digested sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in your skin called glycation. Glycationcan also contribute to rosacea and acne. Sugar also will weaken the immune system. When your immune system is compromised it has a harder time fighting off bacteria which leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

As well, sugar can create more testosterone in your body which contributes to larger pores and oily skin. I see this quite often in my practice. Sugar will dehydrate the skin and your sebaceous glands will go into overdrive to help deliver moisture to the skin. It creates havoc and your skin ends up completely out of balance.  

So now that you are properly horrified, here are some tips to keep in mind while staving off that sugar craving in the quest for healthier skin. First, awareness. You would be amazed how much sugar is in the foods and drinks we consume each day. When I began considering the Whole 30 diet it was super eye opening as I realized what a sugar addict I really was. It’s literally in everything from your coffee creamer to ketchup and favorite organic dressings.

#1  I always advise my clients to give up the straight up sugar first. Remember you will feel detoxing going on so drink up that water.  Stay away from foods with a high glycemic index or saturated fats. Foods like white bread, pasta, candy, fried food, and ice cream. Chocolate and wine aren’t great either no matter how hard algebra homework was with your tween. I know I’ve ruined your life, sorry.

 #2 Believe me, a sweet tooth after dinner is my deep dirty secret. I crave it. I recently started doing my Ningxia when I’m ready to devour that last piece of chocolate. It helps me feel better, plus my body is literally flying high after 2 ounces of super antioxidants. Want to learn more about Ningxia and what amazing things it does for your whole system? Check this out…

 #3 Get some sleep (read my beauty sleep blog here) you literally will crave sugar when you aren’t sleeping properly. It’s a vicious cycle girls. #selfcarematters

 #4 Skip those inner aisles at the grocery store. Just don’t buy it… for anyone in your house. Tell your husband he has to figure out his own life and eat it in secret like any other mother of a 3-year-old if he wants to have it. #figureitout

 #5 Try fruit like berries that have lower levels of carbs to satisfy your cravings. Bonus all those extra antioxidants will kill those free radicals.

 #6 Add some vitality essential oils to your water to cut cravings. Load up on the water too ladies. Most of the time we are dehydrated not hungry. Drink a glass of water before you make any sugary, rash decisions.

 #7 Skip the Starbucks line. Now you really hate me. Unless you like the boring drinks like I do, pumpkin lattes will be the death of your skin long term. Most of those drinks are completely loaded with sugar. I know I hate reality too. It’s probably the biggest suck on this list. #ILOVECOFFEE

 By drastically cutting your sugar intake you will start to see results as quick as 72-96 hours…it’s crazy. I saw a huge change in my skin when I was in Ecuador for ten days with Young Living. My husband actually said I was glowing when I came home. Bonus! I’m going to link an article with some before and after pictures of a girl that was struggling with her skin. She gave up sugar for a week and her results are pretty amazing.

 I know I am opening myself up to lots of hate mail, I get it. The truth sucks sometimes and my moto is everything in moderation. I’m learning along with you and I hate to see women struggle with their skin when a few tweaks they may not know can help. No judgement here, this girl loves her chocolate.

 Challenge… Give up sugar for one week and then head over to my Facebook or Instagram and tell me or even show me the biggest difference in your skin.


I promise you will see one. Have an awesome week and be that mom that hands out toothpaste or pennies at Halloween if it helps you control your sugar intake.


Stay Beautiful,

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito