Why You Need to Schedule a Facial Today


Why Do You Need a Facial?

I get asked this question often. Although, I admittedly find it rather funny because if you’ve had a really good, true blue facial you wouldn’t have to ask that question. In case you haven’t or have just forgotten, listed below is some of the amazing bonuses of getting a fantastic facial.

#1 Radical selfcare. We as women don’t invest our time, effort, and resources in selfcare. We are always taking care of someone else first, especially you Moms. It’s so important to invest a little back into ourselves, and a really good facial is so much more than the products the esthetician uses to make our skin happy. I incorporate essential oils throughout my facial for a little soul therapy as well. After I have talked to my clients about what’s going on with their lives I choose what oils they need. Whether it’s for immune support or emotional support. The whole process of a facial is very relaxing. Admittedly, I often will choose a good facial over a massage. I truly believe that when our skin feels and looks better, we as women feel better too, from the inside out. Our face is super important to us, it conveys how we are feeling to the world. It is the first thing people notice about us and it is what they look to to understand how we are feeling. So why would you not invest in it?

#2 Tips, tricks, and recommendations. These are all things every good esthetician should offer you during your session. We never want you to leave our room and not take anything of value away. It’s important to us that we share nuggets of knowledge about products and tips about how to improve your skin so your excited about the progress your treatment that day has started. My biggest compliment from a client is how great their skin looks and how adding a suggested product to their routine made a huge difference between services.

#3 Professional opinions should and do matter. Ok I am going to get on my soap box here. An Esthetician has a license in skin care. A license to evaluate your skin, recommend products, and give you a service involving touching your skin. Why do we as women not want to take their advice, but we will go to a cosmetic counter and listen to the 19-year-old working at Nordstrom on Christmas breaks. Sorry Madison, but leave it to the seasoned pros. It’s madding to me. If you trust your esthetician to give you a service, then trust her to recommend products to you. She knows what they do, how they work, and she is evaluating your skin under a light without makeup. Therefore, she will see all the things… yes, all the things you are most insecure about and recommend what’s going to work for your skin.

#4 Professional products make a difference. When you see your esthetician for a facial, she is able to use stronger products than you use at home. The peels and mask we use are a little more intense than the charcoal mask you made at home. I only use organic skincare, but you would be amazed at how effective my professional product is. The best part is, we are trained and educated on how to safely and efficiently use stronger products.

#5 Exfoliation and extractions. These are important steps to every facial I give. A good exfoliation with enzymes is key to a good facial. Also cleaning out the skin is not the most relaxing part of a facial, but so necessary.

#6 Answers to all your questions. I’ve made it my mission to help women of all ages be informed about their skin. I saw such a huge need for this after I did a beauty school that went viral. Women have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Having a trusted esthetician to help with these questions can really improve your skin. Plus, our skin varies over time with our diets, stress, environment, age, and health. Having an interpreter to whatever unholy thing your skin is doing this week is priceless.

#7 Improved blood flow and hydration levels. Getting a great facial involves more than products thrown on your skin. I love incorporating a pretty stellar and relaxing massage on the face, neck and chest. It helps with blood flow and gives your skin a gorgeous, natural glow. A facial also helps to balance your skins pH levels. Estheticians normally have all kinds of enzyme peels and masks in their arsenal that they use in your service to balance your skin. This is exactly why you will feel much more even, toned and relaxed after.

Having a facial in the right time frame is key. Women have all kinds of issues that effect their skin every month. You will see a HUGE difference in your skin if you follow to the 4-6-week plan. I always tell my clients I will of course always be able to make your skin look great no matter when you have your treatments, but if you want to improve anything in your skin long term, I need to see you more often. It’s like fighting an uphill battle when you go more that 6 weeks between facials. Consistency is key.

I hope you all will find the magic unicorn esthetician that you connect with and trust. Some of my best friends are my long-term clients. I love seeing their faces each month as we catch up. When you do find her, trust she knows what she’s doing and take time and invest in yourself…. you deserve it.

Stay Beautiful Inside Out,

The Oily Esthetician

Kimberly Esposito