Nervous? Nope, that doesn’t quite cut it. I think the one of the main reasons I have put off launching my blog is the thought of it not being just right, not being quite so perfect. Being real while trying to inspire others is a tall order, one that sometimes I doubt my effectiveness. Because when you’re real, you’re not always inspiring, can I get an amen on that? I hardly feel inspiring when my youngest gets me to seriously consider Bailey’s in my morning coffee even before I’ve applied my eyeliner for the day.



One of the reasons I founded the Oily Esthetician website was to put an ever-growing wealth of valuable information and resources where it is accessible. However, it evolved and bloomed into something bigger than even that for me. There is nothing I love more than waking up to a message saying “I can’t thank you enough...” for whichever skin or beauty mishap one of my contacts were enduring at the time. This turned into something of a movement for myself on what beauty really is and what it means to us and how to help women on their own journeys of empowerment as they realize that beauty really is only skin deep. Over the years I’ve learned beauty goes beyond choosing the perfect lipstick color or flawless skin, it is your attitude, your soul, and your daily intention both inside and out. When you feel healthful and beautiful on the inside, your potential to bring beauty to the world increases exponentially. What I endeavor to do is help you achieve this, help you on your path to pure and holistic self-care, to empower you with knowledge and self-confidence in a world where such things are quite often rare. I want to help you pass this information as well as a sense of empowerment onto your daughters, to the women in your life you treasure. Unexpectedly for myself, the Oily Esthetician has grown from education on holistic beauty, and it has transcended into a spring of inspiration.


What I truly hope as I begin this launch is that in your day, at some point you pause, take a cleansing breath, stop by and learn something, something that will encourage you to spend some time and care on your own self. Let us start that journey together now, it will be a beautiful thing.


“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” -Humphrey Bogart

Kimberly Esposito