Tea Therapy

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In the morning we have our routines, coffee, shower, breakfast, aaand go. These routines are important little things, no matter how conscious of them we are. They offer stability, comfort, and are a bridge to the bigger things we want to accomplish for the day. However, I have found over time that routines in afternoons and evenings tend to get overlooked. A bit reflective of our fast-paced world, isn’t it? If it does not directly relate to productivity, then it just loses priority. So, consider for a moment… what do we do to wind down the day? If you are like me, you struggle with that off switch, it’s like my body and mind have too much momentum to just stop. I need, need, need that signal to the slowing of the day just as my body chemistry and the natural world around me is doing the same. For me, that signal is tea and it is an absolute ritual. I say ritual because where routine is a regularity, and habit -like, ritual is done with mindfulness and intention. My afternoon tea is just that, it is a slower, careful process that cannot be rushed from the time it takes to boil water, to sieving, and finally enjoying. I feel a bit like Pavlov’s dogs, just the sound of my teapot switching on after a long day, and I cannot help but begin to relax. It’s not unlike that moment and the end of the day when the bra comes off, sorry family, Mom’s not going anywhere now.

The bonus to this ritual is that it is pretty healthful too. For one, tea has less caffeine than coffee. Green especially so. Now I am not hating on my coffee, some days I seriously cannot function without it. But, in the afternoons especially it is time to start that slow comedown from the day and the less caffeine, the better. If coffee is something you are looking to move away from, but you love the taste, try chicory root. It offers all kinds of benefits and support for areas like the liver and gut. As well, there is just an endless option of other teas, mainly herbal, for nearly any ailment you can think of. Some time tested like chamomile to aid the body for a calming effect and ginger to support digestion (A word of caution though, do your research first for any medicinal teas, especially if you are pregnant). And don’t be intimidated by loose-leaf teas. They are delightful, maybe a little extra effort but certainly well worth it.

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One of my personal favorites, loose-leaf or otherwise, is green tea. It tastes amazing hot or cold, you can get it paired with all kinds of other flavors, and its benefits are huge. It is an anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, it can improve dental health, and limit the growth of certain bacteria’s. Plus, I hear Cindy Crawford drinks tea every day, and seriously either its helping her look amazingly young or she’s a vampire, just sayin’.

Tea is also a great way to get in some essential oils. When I am feeling the first signs of a cold bug, I hit up Lemon and Thieves Vitality in my mug with some raw honey. A little Orange or Clove Vitality makes a nice spicy addition. But as in everything we consume or put on our bodies, opt for organic and make sure you are ingesting a wholesome, quality product to get all of the amazing benefits of your tea. This is one of the reasons I am an Oola Tea subscriber. They produce some wonderful, quality organic teas and with each bag purchased, provide a meal to a child in need in their partnership with Rice Bowls. How amazing is that!

So, the next time we meet on my blog, consider bringing along a warm, replenishing, soul-healing tea. Because even better than relaxing with your tea, is sharing some (along with plenty of laughs) with your tribe.

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Kimberly Esposito