Workout Skin Care

One of the most common skin care concerns I get asked is about is post-workout breakouts. Whether it’s the face, chest, or back it can be so annoying. Here you are, doing good things for your body and this is how it repays you, skin circa 7th grade awkward phase. Admittedly, I am just now starting back up a workout routine and I’m in love. Boxing my friends. Maybe it’s the inner Laura Croft wannabe in me but it’s a blast and it makes me sweat. So much so, that I’ve been experiencing a few breakouts here and there and seriously, no thanks. And since quitting my quest for the perfect roundhouse is not an option, I should start following my own advice as I share with you. So, if you are going to sweat it out at the gym, make sure to follow these tips to keep your complexion in shape too!


#1 Before your workout make sure you have clean makeup free skin.

You have a higher chance of breaking out working out in makeup. As you sweat your pores open up and they can easily be clogged with makeup on your skin. So, if you’re coming from the office, pack a travel case of your 3-step process cleanser, toner and cream.


#2 Wipe down that yucky equipment, it breeds bacteria.

Bacteria loves places like the gym and equipment. Before you know it, you’ve touched some sort of equipment and then your face and bam! Bacteria transferred. I always carry my travel thieves spray or some thieves wipes to make it easy to wipe it down.


#3 Wear your hair up or back with a sweat band.

I’ll admit, I hate a sweat band. No matter what I do I look like an Aerosmith roadie. It doesn’t work for me. Many of you look so cute and it does a bang-up job at keeping the sweat and hair products from your hair of your face and body. That’s important, because so hair products can wreak havoc on the skin.


#4 Change your workout clothes.

 Never reuse the same ones you previously sweated in. Again, bacteria can be harbored on them and as you workout, your pores open and allow the bacteria to cause more clogging issues.


#5 Recover.

Pimples can occur because of hormone changes in the body. As you workout the level of the male hormone testosterone will rise. So, as you get more fit, build muscle and strength, your hormones will fluctuate. It’s very important to give your body adequate rest not only to recover but to stabilize that hormone.


#6 Eat clean and hydrate.

Your diet is so important. As you exercise you lose vitamins and minerals along with hydration. Watch that water intake and be certain to eat a balanced diet and supplement with good quality nutrients. Young Living’s supplements are AMAZING and infused with essential oils for a more long lasting effect in the body.


#7 Deep clean and exfoliate.

Make sure to exfoliate no more than two times a week. This helps you get rid of the dead skin cells that are hanging around. If you’re having back breakouts grab a loofah and use a high-quality body wash free of harmful chemicals. Young Living’s Morning Start one is my favorites. A loofah will help loosen the dead skin cells on your back making it harder for bacteria to stay. A deep cleaning mask like the “Deep Cleanse Mask” with lavender will help you get all the nitty-gritty gone for clearer skin. Once a week makes a big difference. I like to do mine at night in a bath. Be sure to make it easy and doable so you will follow through.



#8 Cleanse post-workout.

deep cleanse mask.PNG

Always wash your face ASAP after your workout. I know, I know. You’re out and you want to hit the grocery store and a million other errands before you head home to kids but know this is the #1 reason people break out after working out. You’ve sweated so now you have to get that face clean and Ph balanced with a toner and hydrated with your serum and cream. I promise you it’s well worth it.


Now go have a great workout without worrying about your skin. Know that you are in control and every one of these tips helps. Good luck and kick butt!


Kimberly Esposito