What I’ve Been Up To…

Life has been crazy, chaotic, and super busy as of late. Not only did we decide at the end of the year to sell our house of 16 years, but I had an amazing opportunity to open a second location for esthetics. I guess God had a plan and I needed to get on board. I’m happy to say we sold our house (within 24 hours) and after a few bumps in the road, found a house in which we love and in an amazing neighborhood near dear friends.  The renovations I could do without, though. My OCD is in full swing and patience hasn’t always been my strong suit. Life has thrown me quite a few curve-balls during the past six months but, I’m learning more and more about myself each day. 


First lesson: Though I already knew it (I needed a reminder as we so often do), I am lucky to have an amazing husband. He’s worked so hard not only to give me my dream home, but to take pressure off and help me navigate this whirlwind. Secret... I don’t deal well with things not being in their place or having my house in constant upheaval. Lots of emotional oils have been utilized in the past month lol.  


On the upside, things are definitely on their way. New floors are in. Kitchen cabinets are to be painted next week along with my walls. Goodbye beige! The walls for the barn doors in my spa went up yesterday! I’m so excited about my new spa space at home! Facials, raindrops, and soon Reiki in my oil filled crystal space! I may never leave. Follow me on Instagram for some updates and pretty amazing transformations. I’m going for modern farmhouse.



As well, my new space in Westmont is now open! We are making improvements each day, but I’m excited for this opportunity. Checkout my website spa menu for services, locations and hours and make sure you get in on my Mother’s Day Special! You are going to want to get one of my advanced, customized Eminence organic facials. Coming up next month we will have Pasquina doing manicures and pedicures. She also uses all Eminence Organic products. She’s extremely talented and has been in the business for over a decade.  

I also get to work with some brilliant women that do hair. Cory Swanson has been cutting my locks the last 15 years. She specializes in haircuts, styling, and can do a pretty mean updo. She’s trained in keratin treatments and bumble and bumble. Exclusive with R&Co products, they incorporate the same philosophies as I do. R&Co is paraben free, sulfate free, petroleum free, mineral oil, cruelty and gluten free. It’s also vegan and UV protected. 


Rachel DeNazarie has been doing hair right along side Cory for just as long. She also specializes in haircuts, styling and updos. Seriously I see their work and it’s pretty fabulous.  


Jessie Smith is the unbelievably gifted colorist at Salon 4. With years and years of experience behind her, the transformations are incredible. Certified in Kemon hair color, Jessie is a salon color educator that specializes in all types of hair coloring from all over colors to Balayage. 


Come see me for a treatment and then finish off your pampering with anyone of these talented ladies!

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