My Journey

Beauty is one of those words that you can ask a hundred different people the definition, and you can be pretty certain you will get a hundred different responses. Traditionally speaking, it means aesthetically pleasing. And while I agree that this obviously is quite true, I feel our own personal experiences, life itself, evolves and shapes what we find beautiful or what beauty even is. For me, it is my Grandmothers hands working in a batch of dough, the way my daughter's freckles dance when she giggles at something she probably shouldn’t, or the way a sun filled breeze moves the curtains on a lazy Sunday afternoon. One of my earliest memories of being taken by beauty was watching my mom put on make-up in the bathroom mirror, how she with a sure hand drew lines, blended, and did so with an artist’s confidence. She looked strong and stunning, my own real life Wonder Woman. Perhaps this is why I feel a strong draw to the field of aesthetics. Helping women on their path to healthful beauty, the best kind, is what I strive to do every day.


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About The Oily Esthetician...

Kimberly lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband of fifteen years, and her three children. She is an experienced esthetician of twenty-three years learning, working, and growing in one of the largest skin care industries. Starting the Oily Esthetician has been a huge game changer for Kimberly, as it allows her greatest passions to intersect; skin, holistic living, and empowering others. With her decades of experience, Kimberly’s greatest happiness is arming her clients with the knowledge to kick harmful chemicals out of their daily beauty routine so that they can look and feel their most beautiful, inside and out and ultimately be the healthiest versions of themselves.

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