The Oily Esthetician LLC came to life a few years back when I was teaching women about their skin. I wanted them to know that they didn't have to sacrifice their health for gorgeous, glowing skin. The Oily Esthetician LLC has given me the platform to teach women all over the world about not only their skin, but their health.

I am excited to announce I am now in two locations in Illinois. I offer all my services at each location in Plainfield and Westmont. Call or text now to make an appointment at 630-730-6228 or email me at , I can’t wait to meet you!

My products I use are every bit as important as my technique. That’s why I’ve partnered with Eminence Organic Skin Care and Young Living Essential Oils for all my treatments. Eminence is a natural skin care line that uses organically grown, hand-picked herbs, fruits, vegetables and pure spring water in their rejuvenating products. Rich in essential minerals, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, all products are free from chemicals. Young Living essential oils and products give my treatments a little something special. From the moment you enter the treatment room you will be relaxed and well taken care of. Young Living believes and delivers their seed to seal promise in every drop of essential oil.


Skin Consultation

My true passion is to help anyone looking to improve their skin and boost their confidence. But first, I need to get to know you and your skin better. Once you book and pay for your personalized skin consult, I will email you a questionnaire and have you email me photos of your gorgeous face. In your 30 min phone consultation we will go over all the questions, reccomend products and routines to have you feeling fabulous and confident about your new regimen. 30 minutes. $50. As a bonus all skin consultation clients receive a 20% off on all products. Hop over to my shop and book your consultation now!

Organic Facial (Personalized)

All natural & plant-based, powerful Eminence organic products are used in this relaxing and transformative facial. Depending on skin type, I use different peels, masks, creams, and serums, all designed to brighten, hydrate, and make your skin glow. Exfoliating and blackhead removal are done to refresh your skin as massage and love goes into each of my famous, personalized facials. This is truly an advanced one of a kind facial perfected for your exact skin. 1 hour 15 minutes. $125.00

Acne Facial

Treating, healing, and improving acne prone skin is one of my specialties and passions. My methods are a deliberate and intentional, among them are a specialized peel and blue light to kill bacteria at the dermis layer. I then follow up with a mask to close the pores and heal the skin after I’ve prepped the skin for a deep clean. I also use this time to talk about your diet, stress levels and sleep patterns. I believe you need to treat not only the skin to improve acne, but the whole body.$130


Let’s produce some natural collagen together. Microneedling is a tool I’ve used over the past ten years to naturally produce collagen and elastin. I’ve had great success in diminishing scars, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. 30 minutes. $75

LED light therapy

Light emitting diaodes. LED light therapy can help you naturally produce 300% more collagen a day for up to two weeks. Changing the color of lights can help diminish bacteria causing acne, promote collagen, calm broken capillaries and help skin look for even. Great add-on for any facial! You walk out glowing!! 30 minutes. Starting at $50

Jade and Rose Quartz Rolling

(with Organic infused essential oil serum)

Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out or want to add a little relaxation to your day or facial, this one is a treat. Let’s work on those chakras and make your skin glow. Rolling helps to destress the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It also will promote circulation helping detoxification to your lymphatic system. Great for under eye darkness and puffiness! Get ready for plump, luminous skin! 30 minutes. $35

Gua Sha

Noted as the “Eastern Face Lift “, Gua Sha is another tool I’ve been issuing in my practice for the last few years to bring life back into the skin. Dubbed as “Eastern Botox” it’s ability to plump, tighten and rejuvenate skin is amazing. A 20 minute massage is done with my Gua Sha tools after a special organic essential oil infused serum. 20 minutes. $35

Organic Peels (no downtime)

I’m not a big believer in destroying the skin to make it more youthful. Organic peels can be just as powerful and way less harmful to your health than chemical filled treatments. I use top of the line enzyme and plant based ingredients depending on what your skin is needing. Peels can help with acne, pigmentation, scars, plumping or just bringing it back to life. A peel might be just what you need. We can work magic on those fine lines and wrinkles so don’t wait! 30 minutes. $65 (also available in a series of six peels for 325.00)


Eyebrow Wax


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Lift


Eyelash Tint



Raindrop Treatment








Starting at $55

Full Body

Individualized pricing.